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RE: AG vs. duel fuel - how to choose?! (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: cooksnsews on 07.20.2011 at 11:52 pm in Appliances Forum

I like to bake and was seriously considering a DF range, until I saw the price premium they command over AG. As shannonplus2 notes, modern AG ovens are pretty darn good, and I couldn't justify the incremental $$$, especially as there were a number of reports that they have much shorter working lives that AG models.


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AG vs. duel fuel - how to choose?!

posted by: cturnrd on 07.19.2011 at 11:54 pm in Appliances Forum

I'm still trying to decide whether to go with a Wolf AG or duel fuel range. I've really been trying to read up on previous posts to get the scoop but some of the posts are pretty dated. I'm on a pretty tight budget with regards to appliances but I'm "splurging" on the range I guess you could say. I've decided on Wolf, that's for certain -but what I can't seem to make my mind up about is AG or duel fuel. Here's where I'm at:

1) Seems to be better cooktop performance with semi-open burners- at least that seems to be the consensus on what I've read so far...
2) Less expensive!!!!!

1) I prefer the duel fuel looks
2) Ease of cleaning??

Duel fuel:
1) I prefer the looks
2) Ease of cleaning/self cleaning

1) More $$$
2) Is the cooktop/sealed burner performance inferior? Not sure?

I will be honest and tell you that I'm not a gourmet cook but I do love to cook and experiment with things. Do I need restaurant style range, probably not. This is my first kitchen remodel and very first time picking appliances so I'm confused!!! If anyone can share their thoughts on this to help me decide I would very much appreciate it- especially when it comes to cleaning and performance!



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RE: AG vs. duel fuel - how to choose?! (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: shannonplus2 on 07.20.2011 at 11:35 pm in Appliances Forum

Plaidthumb, the idea that an electric oven is better for baking is a holdover from years ago when range ovens didn't have the electronic ignitors, temperature controls and insulation that range ovens have today. So it is no longer true that a dual fuel is better for baking than an AG. A gas oven in a Wolf range will bake as well as an electric oven in a Wolf range. I bake a lot, and believe me, my AG range (though not a Wolf) is far superior to my old range (which happened to be electric, but it was old). Perhaps if you are a professional pastry chef, you may notice a difference. Having said that, a friend of mine is a Paris-trained professional chef working in Manhattan. He bought himself an AG range.

As you noted, if the OP does not have the wiring for the electric oven, s/he will have to pay an electrician to install that wiring. I am assuming s/he already has the gas line.


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RE: AG vs. duel fuel - how to choose?! (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: shannonplus2 on 07.20.2011 at 12:34 am in Appliances Forum

Interesting that you say you prefer the looks of Dual Fuel over the AG. Many people prefer the classic look of the AG. The Wolf AG has not changed much in appearance in a decade. And it will look pretty much the same a decade from now. On the other hand, ranges with a lot of electronic controls like the Wolf DF run the risk of looking dated in a few years. Just picture your TV from 10 years ago, or better yet, your computer from 10 years ago (oh wait, even picture them from 5 years ago). Will a range with a lot of electronic displays and controls circa 2011, look quaint by 2021, or even by 2016? The AG though, with its lack of electronics, will look as classic in 10 years as it does today. Also, the less electronics, the less to break.

What I think is the dealbreaker for people deciding between the Wolf AG and the DF, is that the Wolf AG does not have a self-clean function. Having said that, I never use the self-clean function on my AG range (which is not a Wolf). I used it once. It takes hours, you still have to clean the oven a bit beforehand, it gives off a burning smell that lingers for days, it heats up the house, and I cannot imagine the amount of fuel it uses over all those hours. Since then, I've opted for Easy-Off No Fumes Formula instead. It's quick, it's easy, it doesn't stink up the house, and it doesn't use up hours of fuel. That's just my personal preference. Many people would never consider a range without self-clean, so you have to determine what you would want. Anyway, I thought I'd bring up these points you may not have considered.


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