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Which Nursery Near Boston Carries Chestnut, Hazelnut, or Persimmo

posted by: easycity on 01.24.2014 at 04:35 pm in New England Gardening Forum

I live near Winchester's Mahoney Nursery, and last year I have good experience with Asian pear Hosui variety.
This spring, other than adding a Hosui or Korean Giant pear, I would like to plant other fruit and nut trees. I prefer buying from local nurseries.
Please keep in mind that I just started gardening, and still learning the basics. I have planted peach, cherry, plum, blueberry, hazelnut, none of them giving tasty fruits. So I want to start with tasty but fool-proof fruit and nut trees, hardy in New England 6b zone. I would appreciate any suggestions from fellow gardeners.

I saw Mulberry trees in Mahoney, so that will be a option for me.
My neighbor's chestnut trees yielded a lot of chestnuts every year. I wonder where I can get good quality trees locally.
I heard someone in Long Island area had consistent good harvest from a Japanese persimmon trees. I would like to know if Japanese persimmon can survive the worst possible winter in Boston area. If so, how can I get it?
I read that hazelnut trees are tough and general high-yielding. I bought several seedlings two years ago (2012 Spring), and they had been very hardy. But they looked like a bush forever. I wonder if I can buy mature hazelnut trees 3' to 5' tall.

Last year I was encouraged by success in Hosui pear, corn, summer and winter squash, green bean, cosmos, zennia, marigold, and roses. So this year I would like to put more energy in fruit trees and nuts. I would also like to know if cherry is too challenging at my level.


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