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RE: Best Natural Dishwashing Detergent..? (Follow-Up #12)

posted by: earthie on 06.04.2008 at 06:42 pm in Cleaning Tips Forum

You can make a natural dishwasher agent by combining equal parts of washing soda and borax (that 20 mule team stuff). Use about 2 T. of the stuff per load, in the first wash only. Then fill your rinse agent dispenser with white vinegar.

This may work for you, depending on your local water. Some people have reported a white film from using this powder, but I think that might be taken care of by doing the vinegar thing. I find the white vinegar rinse has cleared up some glassware that I thought was clouded (etched) forever.

Another side bonus of this natural combo is that the odor problems I had with my dishwasher when using the gel detergents are now gone.


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