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Risk using city dump compost?

posted by: kskasia on 05.13.2010 at 03:16 pm in Organic Gardening Forum

I recently found that my city dump has a compost pile you can take for free if you have a permit which is also free for residents. It is real nice and black but does have some fragments such as sticks and bits of plastic here and there. My question is would you risk using it on your veggie, flower gardens? I already used it to help start new seeds on the edge of a new patio and in transplaning new flowers but am a bit worried about weed seeds for the veggie garden. Our compost pile is not fully decomposed yet so we will not be able to use it until fall. I am using sterile straw to combat weeds in my lettuce, peas, herbs and radishes but have yet to plant the warm tomato, cucumber, squash, eggplant. What are your thoughs?


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RE: portable pump with rain barrels (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: islandpete on 02.12.2008 at 12:01 am in Irrigation Forum

I have rain barrels in my yard and i have repiped my toilet to use water from the rain barrels to flush the toilet. I save about 300 gallons a month. I used a pump that you would find in a RV or a boat. It works great pumping and has good pressure


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