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lawn fungus

posted by: dumfounder on 07.07.2013 at 10:30 pm in Lawn Care Forum

Rare, i would think. Did put in new sections of sod. Then about two to three weeks later a 'fungus' appeared. At first seemed one of my tenants sprayed one of those 'foams' onto the grass in two spots. Looked the same, maybe three inches plus long- roundish (not a 'mushroom' shape at all), perhaps two or more inches across- sat right on the grass. Sat high. A 'poop' shape maybe? Looked like space filler foam carpenters use- the expandable type. But slightly, slightly different. Wanted to ask my tenant did he in fact spray something on the lawn. When sprayed with water turned dark gray. Over about three to five days diminished in size and eventually emitted substantial, substantial amounts of 'smoke' or spore cloud, so to speak. Any one familiar with this fungus? Was definitely in my mind related to sod although I did have under it- the sod, saw dust from an ancient ash tree cut down and some chipped up there (underneath sod layer). Love when I don't know plants- that 'discovery' feel


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