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NEW: 2013 Everything Goes Back To School Fresh Seed Swap

posted by: godsgarden9 on 08.30.2013 at 09:00 am in Round Robin Exchange Forum

Welcome to the 2013 Back To School-Fall Fresh Seed Swap Details for Swap

1) Everyone is welcome to participate if you have 5 packets to send in or if you have 300 packets to send in you are all welcome to participate, its a lot of fun.

2) You have plenty of time to gather seeds and send them in, they are not due in until November 8. If you still need a little more time, this is fine.

3) Please send a return mailing label and enough postage to return your new fresh seeds back to you� or if you want to just insert a new envelope with postage this is fine.

4) Seed packet amounts, these are minimal guidelines, you can put as many seeds in a packet as you would like, if the seeds are tiny, 100+ seeds, small 50+, Medium 25+, Large 10+. Please make a list of what you send in, this will assist me so you will receive all different ones in return.

5) You will receive at least as many packets of seed that you send in unless, you have plenty and want to donate some to newbies.

6) I will try to reward those that send in rarer, exotic, and named varieties when possible, Please send no more than 10 of the same variety.

7) Please email me with your address to, if you post on garden web and it doesn�t leave your email address.

8) This is to be fun, and you should receive a lot of new varieties that you don�t have, and it is mostly dependent on you , if you send lots of the more common varieties you will get similar in return.. So sign up today, and enjoy with all the fun, sharing and enjoying seeds from all over the country.

9) You can list your preferences, flowers, vegetables, mixed, or such, thanks

10) If for any reason, you do not hear back from me within a weeks time, just send me a email to my email address

Mail to 1012 Monroe Street Gretna, LA. 70053 ************************


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RE: Free seed websites?? (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: bugbite on 09.10.2013 at 09:45 am in Growing from Seed Forum

I know I am way detouring from your question, please forgive me. But I like to exchange seeds because you can potentially get proven winners from peoples garden if you ask for them. But what if you don't have any seeds to trade? One way is to go to a "wholesaler" type seed seller, like
Anyone can buy from them. Pick 2+ types of seeds that people should want. Then purchase 1000+ seeds for extremely good prices. (Example: 5000 Genovese Basil seeds are $4.15; lemon basil 5000 seeds for $3.00, Petunia Celebrity 1000 for $4.20) Split the seeds up into 50 seeds per pac and trade them. The Genovese seeds will have a cost of about 4 cents.
I accidentally did this last year when I ended up with an extra amount seeds on a really good, new zinnia. I sure got some nice trades that way. In return the traders that I traded with hopefully got to try fresh seeds from a new variety of Zinnia. It's better to have more than one variety to trade because traders can be very generous, plus the postage cost issue.

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WANTED: Updated Trade List, Lots of Tomatoes and Peppers

posted by: MTSUWes on 09.07.2013 at 10:11 pm in Seed Exchange Forum

I Have:
Mammoth Dill
Summer Savory
Sweet Basil
Common Thyme
Common Sage
Slow Bolt Cilantro

Root Crops
Cherry Bell Radishes
Short N Sweet Carrots
Detroit Supreme Beets

Reisentraube Cherry Tomatoes
Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes
Sweety Cherry Tomatoes
Rutgers Tomatoes
Black Krim Tomatoes
Cherokee Purple Tomatoes
Big Boy Hybrid Tomatoes
Paul Robeson Tomatoes
Mortgage Lifter Tomatoes

California Wonder Bells
Serrano Peppers
Tam Jalapenos
Stavros Hot/Sweet Peppers
Green Bell Peppers
Orange Hot Habanero Peppers
Cayenne Peppers
Quadrato Gallo D�asti Peppers

Corn Salad Dutch
Bloomsdale Longstanding Spinach
Big Ruffles Hybrid Spinach
Gourmet Lettuce Blend
Early Mazuna Mustard Greens
Ruby Swiss Chard and Giant Swiss Chard

I want:
Various Peppers and Tomatoes
Im open for most garden vegetables.
Just contact me to discuss.


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