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Sink Wall Cabinet Design

posted by: donaleen on 09.06.2012 at 12:46 pm in Kitchens Forum

Now that the island project is behind us, I've started designing the cabinets for the sink wall. That is the next phase of our twenty year kitchen project.

I just use Excel to create my design. Here is where I am so far... the windows already exist. I didn't capture all the detail. The sink will be a Kohler Whitehaven 36" tall apron.

The cabinet designs below the sink and on the top upper cabinets is a decorative cutout. The lower upper cabinets have glass doors. The base cabinets will include pullout cutting/working surfaces for me (because I am short).

The base cabinet on the left goes into a blind corner. The upper cabinets will be just like the pair on the left wall. The base cabinet on that wall will have a bank of four drawers, probably all equal in size.

The doors will all be flush doors. The drawers will lap over the face frame by 3/8".

The blind corner will use a modified version of ArlosMom's Costco blind corner. Modified in that the section directly behind the door will have a removable pullout.

Under the sink I also want pullouts like these.

under farm sink pullout

There will be a back splash part way up (probably tile). The one thing I like about our current tile is the red line that goes across. I plan to have a line in my tile as well because I like the way it looks.

I am still hoping the counter top will be glass. Thick green glass that looks like it has bubbles in it (thanks to whoever pointed me at ThinkGlass). I want LED lights underneath to make it glow. I am hoping that the price of glass countertops will come down and the experience to install them will increase by the time we are ready to go.

John, my DH will build all the cabinets. He will make construction drawings from my design drawings. His drawings will include every detail.

Our kitchen window looks like this (you can also see the line of red tile:

kitchen window


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