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RE: old - old - old crafts (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: Red_Confetti on 11.06.2004 at 07:28 pm in Crafts and Decorations Forum

Okay, I'm gonna be showing my age, but do you remember...
fried marbles
macrame everything!
crewel embroidery - pillowcovers, pictures, bellpulls, etc.
paint-by-number oil paintings
3-D paper pictures
wrapping yarn (or burnt match sticks) around soup cans to use as desk accessories
candlesticks made of wooden porch railing spindles
decoupaged desk accessories, covered in dozens of layers of clear sealer
pipe racks for your Dad(!)
styrofoam ball Christmas ornaments covered with pinned on sequins
crocheted clothes-hanger covers
crocheted shawls
little girls' nighties made from a pillowcase
flower bouquets made of crepe paper, dipped in paraffin wax
belts made of sliced walnut shells and rawhide laces
woodburned designs in wooden plates
salt-and-flour ornaments for the Christmas tree
Christmas trees made of nylon net
and nylon net tub/kitchen scrubbers from the leftover net!
God's eyes made of yarn and popsicle sticks
trivets made of bottlecaps
coal gardens (sometimes called crystal plants) with ammonia and blueing
yarn dolls to wear as pins
carnations from kleenex, colored with a crayon, on a bobbypin stem

Ahhh... the simple pleasures!


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