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RE: Fit and finish, Wolf and BlueStar -- specifics, please (Follow-Up #16)

posted by: trevorlawson on 03.19.2010 at 05:23 pm in Appliances Forum

I agree discussion is a wonderful thing :)

My reasons for my statements are noted below, especially in comparison to the Wolf Range but not limited to Wolf.

1) Highest btu power
2) Lower simmer
3) Better heat distribution
4) More powerful broiler
5) Larger usable oven capacity

I am of the opinion that the above 5 points are the major cooking features on any stove, and from my research (which could be wrong) Bluestar beats all comers.

Now this is not to say that the Wolf heat distribution or any other manufacturers is not good, just not as good.

You highlight two newcomers to the market Induction and Turbo chef. I have very limited knowledge about Turbochef maybe someone can jump in here. As to induction I feel that while it is fast to heat, has even heat distribution and is easy to clean, I wonder if it is right at this time to compare a gas range with the very limited options for induction ranges, and without any real feed back from cusotmer.

I don't think the David Rosengarten test should be called mythology, this test was carried out independently of Bluestar. It really shows that from a basic cooking stand point Bluestar won that battle. I for one would like to see a modern day test say between Wolf, Bluestar, viking, DCS, Dacor, Capital and also the new induction ranges. to see if the results would be different. I would be more than receptive to using our cooking school to carry out such comparison test.

I can not disagree that the igniter issues, hot doors and the hinge issue is a real downer for Bluestar, and has cost them many sales, and will continue to do so until these problems are resolved. I am sure Bluestar as a company are working on these problems, I understand that ranges are now been sent out with a couple of spare igniters, the doors have had extra insulation added the same with the kick plate to try to deal with this problem. Heck i have recognized the problem to the point where this month i have put together a "Bluestar Care Kit" for my future customers.

As to my claim that Bluestar out performs the Wolf I can back that up with the videos I produced, I am 100% confident that my findings are accurate and fair. As soon as Wolf fixes my oven problem i will do the oven tests.


Trevor Lawson - Bluestar
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RE: I'm Beginning to Think Brand Just Doesn't Matter (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: blewgo on 03.28.2010 at 02:18 am in Appliances Forum

You sound like how we were 2 months ago. We were looking to remodel our kitchen in what we would consider in the upper middle range.

First, there are several levels of ranges, from general consumer ranges (less than $1k), to higher end consumer like GE Profile, GE Cafe and Kitchenaid ($1,500 - $2,500) to professional style like Wolf, Bluestar and Viking. We didn't want to spend too much, and were going to get a GE Cafe, but for the same or a little more money, started looking to the pro style NRX and Bluestar RCS ranges ($2,000 to $2,500). We ended up with a Bluestar RNB 36 because we got a great deal on a floor model.

For refrigerators, you have regular depth (less than $1,500), counter depth ($2k - $3k) and built in. We never considered the built in, and felt for the money and extra capacity (largest counter depths are 22 cubic feet while regular depths are 25), got a regular depth Kitchenaid KBFS25EV.

There is not as big a spread in dishwashers. Again, you have the normal consumer lines, and the better quality brands like Bosch, Miele and Kitchenaid ($800 - $1200). For us, one of the key differentiator was a cutlery tray which is available in all Miele ($1,100+), the top end Bosch ($2k) and the upper end Kitchenaids ($1,000 - $1,200). We ended up with the KUDS50 with the cutlery tray since the Kitchenaid has a slightly larger interior and has a reputation for cleaning better (we don't pre-rinse).

This site has been a great resource in learning about applicances.


Kitchen appliances - general advice.
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RE: nxr...?? (Follow-Up #138)

posted by: se1961 on 03.24.2010 at 10:20 am in Appliances Forum

We purchased the NXR 30", largely on the recomendations of people on this board, site unseen, for $1900. It is now installed in our kitchen, and I think it's terrific-- compared, of course, to an Amana range that was so bad people people filed a successful class action lawsuit in Florida. The baking is very even, my cakes are coming out consistently better than they did before, and I can melt chocolate without having to supervise for fear of burning. I love having all four burners having the same wide range of btu's. We could never have afforded a more expensive stove; what I love about this one is that it allows us to have a really solid stove for not much more than a standard consumer range. We bought a three year extended service warranty from Square Trade for about $170. It seems to be an excellent company. (We were squeamish, having spent over $800 on the Amana after the standard warranty expired...) I had a long series of back and forth emails with NXR service department before purchasing, in part because of Stacy Neils experience, and in part because of my own concerns about buying an "unknown" brand. The guy I corresponded with was lovely, and very helpful. Thanks to all for your thoughtful feedback.


NXR notes
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