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Need help with Jacobean!

posted by: SiMBa37 on 12.30.2011 at 08:31 am in Flooring Forum

Hello All!

We just moved into a new house that had good condition standard oak floors, but that usual orange colored stain.

Here's a before look:
Original Floor

My wife and I really wanted that dark wood look.

Inspiration Room:
Inspiration room

Based on the floor sample stains we saw, we chose Jacobean.
KEY: far left (Special walnut), Middle top (Special Walnut + English Chestnut), Middle center (English Chestnut), Middle bottom (Ebony + English Chestnut), Far Right (Jacobean)
Floor Stains

The first coat of the stain was not anything close to what we wanted.

Hallway 1 coat of stain:
Hallway 1 coat

Family Room 1 coat of stain:
Family Room 1 coat

I called my flooring subcontractor, and told him its too light, and to put another coat of stain down, much to his annoyance. Here's the result:
Hallway 2 coats:
Hallway 2 coats

Front Hallway 2 coats:
Front hallway 2 coats

Living Room 2 coats:
Living Room 2 coats

The flooring guy was telling me the color will richen a bit once the 3 coats of water based sealant are put down, and it'll even out. I'm so torn what to do, my wife is not happy at all with the color, and with how much grain shows through.

Is what he says true? Should we get him to do a 3rd stain? With a differen't color perhaps? Or is this the nature of standard oak floors, that they will always have the grain come through like this?


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