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RE: I'm trying to help somebody.. but I need help in order to do (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: stoneybaloney on 09.06.2008 at 03:12 pm in Kitchen Table Forum

My way is a little longer than some folks, but it works for me ...

If the pictures are on your computer, create a new folder on your desktop and put them all in the folder.

If your computer supports writing to a CD, then insert a new CD in the drive.

Open up My Computer and click on the 'drive' where the CD is. Re-size the box that opens, so it's a bit smaller, and move it around on your desktop until you can see the folder where you put the pictures.

You can either drag the whole folder onto the box that shows what's stored on the CD (easiest)

Or you can open the folder and drag the pictures individually to the box that shows what's stored on the CD

When you're ifnished, there should be a command to 'write files to the CD' or something like that ... mine appears at the top menu under File I believe. Click on that, and the computer will finish it up.

If you close all the windows, take out the CD ... then put it back in, you should be able to see the pictures you jsut stored there. That's what you can give your friend, then.

And when you know she's got it and can see her pictures, you can delete the folder from your desktop and empty the recycle bin so it isn't taking up space.


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