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new: houseplant swap iii

posted by: snboyken on 06.19.2006 at 11:24 am in Round Robin Exchange Forum

About to finished up Houseplant Swap II and I have decided to host round III. I will again take names, addresses and list of your haves/wants. Please note that if you list rare or expensive plants you most likely will not receive them. Please do not expect to. I will try to match everyone up with at least one plant on their list. However sometimes this is not possible, so please be open to new ideas as well.

Rules are listed below.
1. Do not sign up if you only want free plants, I will send you some free plants if you just ask.
2. Minimum number of cuttings/plugs/starts/plants is 4 (this will allow some newbies to join as well) - you may send extras, small gifts if you want, this is completely optional and not a requirement. If you do send extra, please do not be upset if you don't receive extra in return from your buddy.
3. Sign ups will runs until June 27th and I will assign buddies on 28th prior to going on vacation for the weekend. To speed things up please send your haves to trade, wantes and mailing info on one email. Thanks.
4. Mailing date will be July 10th - can mail sooner if you want to. Just make sure ok with your buddy.
5. Post to forum when you pkg is mailed and when you receive.

If you have any questions that are not answered above, please email me. Thanks and hope to host another wonderful trade. Round 1 we had 6 buddies, round 2 we had 14. Hope to see another good turn out. The more the merrier.


have requested to join in July 11, 2006
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