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First Mango Bloom of the 2009-2010 Season

posted by: hmhausman on 10.17.2009 at 03:20 pm in Tropical Fruits Forum

Noticed today that my first mango blooms of the new season are here. When I say first bloom, I do not count a wayward bloom pannicle on a branch here and there. I only consider it the first bloom if most of the terminal buds on the tree are pushing bloom at the same time. No, they are not on Chou Anon (a.k.a. Choc Anon, Chok Arnon), nor any other SE Asian mango. The blooms are on my Martinez mango. This is a mango that I grafted from scions from a tree on the property of Bob Martinez in Davie, FL. Eric LaBrum, former plant procurer for the Broward Rare Fruit and Vegetable Council brought me some with the promise that it bears realiably in February and March each year. It has done exactly that since it began bearing 2 years ago. The two trees I have are small.......5-7 feet tall, so I am not sure how big the tree gets. In researching the mother tree (which I haven't seen in person), I learned that it was originally planted By a Dr. Robert Wolf. Dr. Wolf was a chemical engineer who worked with fertilizer formulation here in Florida years ago. I believe he has passed on now. However, a friend recently may have uncovered a possible informaation trail when he met some of Dr. Wolf's relatives who had some knowledge about the hoticultural pursuit. I am still seeking further information.

No indication of blooms on Chou Anon....just for the record.

I did see Ataulfo mangos in Whole Food Market tody. They were selling for 3 for $5. They were very small. Almost bought some but then decided not to when I smelled them and they had no fragrance at all.


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Citrus Tree for the Front Yard

posted by: dcat22 on 03.26.2010 at 05:00 pm in Citrus Forum

Howdy! Been reading here for quite a while, but first posts... And, while I didn't see this, feel free to point me if it's already been covered.

Anyway: We have been considering replacing the small Crepe Myrtles in our front yard with a Moro Blood Orange and a Rio Red Grapefruit. My better half spent quite a bit of time on a orchard, and I personally would love to have more "functional" trees. :) (The Myrtles will be moved to a good home...)

So...while we've learned a lot, the one thing I haven't been able to figure out is the "style" of tree we've seen in the nursery's. Some are tall with foliage near the top and a clear trunk, some are very bushy, and some are flat tacked to a V shaped trellis.

Ideally, we'd like to raise the most "tree-like" tree possible, so I guess my question is, should we buy a particular type? I'm guessing from a bit of what I've read the "trunk" style will be more "tree-like". And that this may be called the "standard" form? (And had also been looking for places to buy larger/older tree's that what we've seen, but haven't had much luck.)

Hopefully that makes some sense. :) Also..along those lines..would ya'll consider a two-tree setup like this suitable for a front yard? (They would be roughly 30' apart, and 20' from the house.)



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