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RE: Hardening off (sunburn) (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: esox07 on 04.07.2013 at 11:53 pm in Hot Pepper Forum

I dont really know of a hard and fast rule. Basically a few days of shade, then a few days of broken sun or filtered sun, then a few more days of full sun. But while you do this, you start with just an hour or two and work your way up in time per day. Don't put them out for 8 hours the first day, even in shade. Give them a couple hours the first day, then two, the three or four. Also, if conditions are not good (temps, wind, etc...) you can skip a day or two or three. What I do is try to give them increasing amounts of sun each time unless it I start to see signs of sunburn. Sunburn will usually show up as a grayish or discoloration on the lower level (older) leaves. A minor sunburn will not significantly hurt your plant. If anything, it will result in the loss of a few leaves. Here is a photo of some sunburn on a Ghost Pepper plant from two years ago.


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RE: Tomato Spacing (Follow-Up #10)

posted by: shellva on 02.23.2005 at 04:10 pm in Square Foot Gardening Forum

My beds are 4' x 8'. I am planting 4 tomatoes in one box this year. They will be staggered, planted in the center of 2 x 2 squares. I hope that makes sense? In the other unused squares I plan on putting marigolds and lettuce. I had some lettuce growing at the base of my tomatoes last year and was rather pleased with the results. Of course this was all by accident so I'll have to wait and see if purposeful plantings do just as well. I was harvesting lettuce into mid July last year.


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