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RE: Evil Polyshades to the rescue???? (Follow-Up #29)

posted by: Redbazel on 11.09.2005 at 08:35 pm in Woodworking Forum

I just caught this thread while looking for information on refacing some bath cabinets. Most interesting and I love chiefneil's door. I may try the blend on something I've been considering.

Since confession is good for the soul, here I go:

My Name is RED and I have used Minwax Polyshades. I KNOW that sanding and staining are what proper ladies do, but I needed a plan that I knew I could do. Painting high-ceilinged rooms does not daunt me. Sewing window treatments is a snap. Picking out just the right piece at an estate sale and working it over for my house is just plain fun. But sanding/staining? I just can't. Husband won't. So after I asked him if I could paint my kitchen orangey oak cabinets and got a Freezing Look, I found the Polyshades. Being young (47) and naive, I didn't know that decent people don't do polyshades. So one day I cleaned my kitchen cabinets really well and mixed a little Bamboo Mahogany with some Antique Walnut and applied near the toekick. Nothing fell off and there were no sirens. I still felt a little weird, (Have since gotton educated and know it's normal to feel funny when you do something wrong) so I rubbed it off right away. But then, the next day I came back and rubbed on some more. I did the same application process as chiefneil with the old tee shirt. My reasoning was, that if I rubbed it on, I would have more control and could rub it off fast if there were a problem. Later, I tried one cabinet with a good stain brush. The brush put the product on darker, but it was streaky so I went back to the tee shirt. In a couple of hours I had all my cabinets done. The next day I added a coat. The color changed subtley from a worn out faded orangey oak to more of a fruitwood color. They looked new. I still haven't upgraded to new handles/knobs, but I'm 50 now and move slowly. I'm truly sorry I did this Bad Thing, except for 3 things:
1)NO ONE in my house would have EVER sanded and stained.
2)It was super easy, went on great and has held up to abuse and 3 years of numerous cleanings.
3)It renewed my cabinets and still looks great.


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