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Newbie Advice

posted by: token28001 on 10.29.2009 at 10:48 pm in Winter Sowing Forum

Ok, so we've all been there (or are there). What advice do you give.

1. Sow lightly. You'll be tempted to sow heavy to increase your chances, but it will frustrate you when it comes time to plant out. You see all those seedlings and end up with only a couple HOS. Sow more containers instead.

2. Water before planting out. It helps the soil stay together and you lose fewer seedlings.

3. Start anytime after Dec 21, sowing perennials and reseeding annuals. If it comes back in your zone, sow it.

4. Use good soil. Don't skimp. It makes a world of difference.

5. Don't fret when those of us in zone 7 and above start posting pictures and talking about planting out while you have nothing but frozen, snow covered dirt. It will come. Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.

6. Take advantage of free seed offers here. You don't need to buy everything and some people have some really cool plants they can give you for the cost of postage.

7. Ask. If you're not sure, and you can't find it on the site or by searching here, ask.

8. Make sure you have lots of beds prepared and helping hands cause you're gonna need it.

Any others?


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