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Photo Instructions

posted by: lyndalu on 09.29.2007 at 08:43 pm in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

This is in response to a question on how to post multiple pictures. I've shared these instructions with a few people via emails, and just figured out how to share it here.

I thought I'd put this in a separate post, so we could refer new people to it.

These instructions are for Photobucket. If someone has instructions for some of the other photo sharing sites, maybe they could add to this thread?

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New Locations List 01-08-2008

posted by: lyndalu on 01.08.2008 at 11:52 pm in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

Hi all,

Here's the latest locations list. We've added 24 people since the October list! Let me know if I need to make any corrections.

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RE: some mushrooms done - instructions (Follow-Up #15)

posted by: lyndalu on 03.25.2007 at 01:28 pm in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

squirrley - I love your mushroom, too! Love the way you used the long pieces to mosaic the stem - looks great!

Mine were made from a concrete mix over various objectsI used a recipe from a book by Sherri Warner Hunter a Basic Sand Mix, which is 1 part Portland cement, 3 parts sand and approximately 1 part water. Im still very much a beginner at making concrete structures, but Ive got both of Sherri Warner Hunters books, and they have been very helpful to me.

On the 4 that look kind of like "button" mushrooms - I put the mix over a regular sized light bulb (light bulb covered in plastic wrap).

On the more elongated ones, I used a 6 oz yogurt container and put the mix over it, putting enough mix on the "top" (which of course is the bottom of the container), so that the top is more rounded, rather than flat. Oh, and I didnt try to "unmold" itthe plastic container is still in there.

For the stems on those 2 types, I took a piece of Styrofoam, and whittled it into the desired shape, stuck a long nail into the bottom, and then covered it with the mix. After a couple of days curing time for the cap and stem, I attached the stems to the caps by inserting the stem into the cap and pushing the mix all around it. After the concrete had fully cured, I painted the stems.

The taller lavender one was made over a glass bowl (covered in plastic wrap), with the mix over it.

The stem on the lavender one is a bud vase with the concrete mix over it. And the cap just sits on top of the bud vase its not attached.

And here's another type I'm working on. As a base, I used this metal thing - it's something from some type of light fixture. Thought the result might look a little like a portobello mushroom.


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