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Dec 2009 Is anyone still being overcharged by their Post Office?

posted by: chemocurl on 12.03.2009 at 08:12 pm in Seed Exchange Forum

12-2009 Is anyone still being overcharged by their Post Office?

Im just curious who might still be being overcharged, being told that all bubble envelopes are parcels.

From just recent threads I found
Posted by alaskanamazon WA Wed, Nov 18, 09 at 11:33

My husband had this problem when he went to mail some of my seeds at the post office near his work. They said they had to charge him "package rates". Problem is that particular post office is notorious for not giving a hoot about the customer.. and no amount of arguing will change their mind.
Posted by yotetrapper IL on Thu, Nov 26, 09 at 2:40

Same with me, if i mail them from the post office in town get charged package rate. Mail from the mailbox I dont and it goes through the same post office. Now when i go to the post office next town over, they do it right....

Posted by mikey-gardener 6a,6b, KC MO on Thu, Nov 26, 09 at 10:20

I am just a newbie here and just mailed 5 BEAP off at the post office inside and no matter where they went, whether it was oregon, Texas, ohio, Pa, Ga, they dummys still charge me $1.22 just to mail an empty BEAP. No wonder they are called a P.O. CAUSE THAT IS WHAT I AM RIGHT NOW. BEING RIPPED ON TAXES, ON POSTAGE, AND ON EVERYTHING ELSE. And I haven't even got start with my ranting and raving yet. The post master ( at my local post office) will hear from me personally. Cause I hate thieves!!!!!


In another thread I see that dirtdiggin from WA was having trouble (in 2008) and had filed a complaint with the Postal Inspector. I wonder if they ever got back with her and if her local PO knows the correct charges for a Large Envelope.


Then also by dirtdiggin WA on Sun, Sep 6, 09 at 17:10
She had a postal employee be rude to her son, and then said that all bubble envelopes are parcel packaging, and then told her she needed 2 additional 44 cent stamps on the envelope that already had 88 cents on it. The last posted was that she was waiting for Consumer Affairs to call her back after they spoke with her local Post Master.


Also in that thread token28001 from NC said in Dec 2008 he was always charged parcel rate regardless of how small the contents were. I wonder if his PO is now charging correctly.

ok, from another thread... helenh z6 MO on Mon, Oct 26, 09 at 17:03

Some post offices won't mail them for that. Joplin, MO 64804 wanted $1.22 from me. I said it was a large envelope; she said it was a parcel. Goodman, MO calls them large envelopes.

and maps31 CA on Tue, Oct 27, 09 at 13:59

My post office told me that those bubble envelopes are considered parcel and are $1 to start. (more than that but my brain is asleep)

on another thread posted by freshair2townsquare D/FW TX on Fri, Aug 21, 09 at 16:41

75019 - Coppell, TX - Yolanda - October 2008 - I quit trading seeds for several months after this conversation.

Showed me the templete when asked, then *refused* to look at the 3 step test to determine whether it should still be regular postage. She just looked at me and repeated, "its a parcel, ma'am." I'm sure she thought she was being polite and professional with a difficult customer - she was never rude or discourteous at all. But she was wrong and simply would not think.


Anyone else? It seems the problem still extends from one coast to the other.

I would like to try and assist those of you who are still having problems.



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Months of Hosting List (Follow-Up #66)

posted by: carroteggs on 04.03.2009 at 04:57 pm in Round Robin Exchange Forum

Sounds good! Thanks everyone for your replies!
Here is the Official Months of Hosting List:
April : Dan : Blue
May : Christy : Black
June: Bonnie : Yellow
July : Tammy : Red
August : Linda : Rainbow
September : Kamil : White
October : Open : ?
November : Penny : Orange
December : Carrie : Chocolate
January : Wendy : Green

As for October, I wouldn't mind doing another one to fill in the gap, but would prefer someone else with another color. Maybe do pink that month or another color or even just a "filler" swap. If no one signs up for that one, I will make it a favorites swap where you send in your favorite seeds.


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RE: NEW: It's time for a Purple Seed Swap! (Follow-Up #74)

posted by: gardenmom2 on 04.04.2009 at 10:11 am in Round Robin Exchange Forum

I will take October. It is my birthday month and even though school will be back in session, I will be a pro by then so I think I can handle it. I think pink was left so I can do pink.



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