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considering moving the kitchen.....wwyd? kd help needed!

posted by: cwalen on 02.20.2013 at 02:47 pm in Kitchens Forum

So we are considering overhauling our whole first floor. We currently have a galley kitchen in the back of our home but it is in the opposite corner from dining room. Our LR is a decent size, but we hardly ever use the DR because it is so far away. In addition, we have a first floor office that is underutilized and (could) go. There is a sunroom that we eat in because our galley kitchen is not eat-in.

We've talked to 2 GCs so far and the more visionary one suggested the biggest improvement would be if we considered demo'ing the office and moving the full bath (converting to half) and moving the kitchen to the combined office and sunroom space. Then having the new kitchen area open /accessible to both LR and DR.

I've come up with some rudimentary sketches of first floor, indicating new kitchen area and old kitchen area with powder room moved to where old kitchen was.

The struggle I have is that the new kitchen area would only have one wall in which to do cabinets. And that wall has windows.

I need kitchen ideas.....any KD's want to give me some layouts to consider?

Would love an island with seating for four. Would love to have an open of a flow from both LR & DR as possible.


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RE: Thoughts on this small kitchen layout? (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: cwalen on 02.09.2013 at 07:38 am in Kitchens Forum


Forgot to add - the room that is adjoining the kitchen is the LR. So the peninsula will be the area open to the LR. The room off the other doorway is our sunroom, where we have a table for everyday meals. Our formal DR is off the sunroom. It's used maybe 4x a year (now) but I hope that changes as the kids get older.


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RE: Relative cabinetry prices: brand vs. brand (Follow-Up #150)

posted by: mars06074 on 03.27.2012 at 01:17 pm in Kitchens Forum

Is anyone familiar with Woodland Cabinetry or Fieldstone?


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