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RE: Organic Monthly Schedule for Organic Newbie (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: dchall_san_antonio on 04.03.2007 at 03:47 pm in Organic Lawn Care Forum

Here's my monthly plan
January - Water every week (experiment on dormancy)
February - Fertilize on President's day, continue watering
March - Water and mow
April - Water and mow
May - Fertilize on Memorial day, continue watering and mowing
June - Water and mow
July - Fertilize on 4th of July, continue watering and mowing
August - Water and mow
September - Fertilize on Labor day, continue watering and mowing
October - Water and mow
November - Fertilize on Thanksgiving, continue watering and mowing (yes we often mow in November)
December - Water

This year I'm using alfalfa pellets rather than corn meal. That's just what caught my eye when I walked into the feed store. Must be an alphabetical order thing on their grains list.


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