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Nickel Swap?

posted by: mrseldoo on 01.08.2007 at 12:39 pm in Quilting Forum

Would anyone be interested in a nickel (5 inch square) swap?
What colors would everyone be interested in?

I love the nickel size square and would like to collect some more for a Trip Around the World Quilt.

Here are some color ideas: Neutrals, blues, purples, 30's prints, and greens.



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Fat Quarter Swap: Pinks!

posted by: trifles on 01.10.2007 at 06:44 pm in Quilting Forum

Here is the information about the Fat Quarter Swap that I am hosting this year on the forum. I will do my humble best to fill Teresa's shoes and pray I don't make a mess of things. I think all the information needed is listed, but please feel free to post any questions you might have on this thread or you are welcome to e-mail me privately.

Our first Fat Quarter Swap for 2007 will be Pinks and includes lights to darks in the pink family; 100% cotton; if a print or floral, the background should be in the pink family; please no obvious holiday or children's prints; deadline is February 15, 2007. Your package should be mailed on or before February 15th.

There is no need to sign up, simply send me a private e-mail by going to My Page listed beside my name, trifles. I will reply to you with my mailing address where you are to send your fabrics.

Please read the swap guidelines carefully and follow them. Your fabrics will be returned if you neglect to follow the guidelines.

~ This swap is limited to participants on this Forum.

~ Fabrics sent should be 44-45" wide, 100% quilters' cottons - no home dec or poly/cotton blends. Please send the quality of fabric you would like to receive back.

~ Please be considerate of others: if your home has smokers or if you have critters that like to lay around on your fabric, please wash your swap fabric and keep it contained in a sealed zip bag until time to mail it. We would all like to receive clean, smoke-free and fur-free fabric. (Why can't they make dogs and cats that don't shed? They can put a man on the moon....)

~ Size: A Fat Quarter is approximately 18-inches by 22-inches. (Cutting instructions below.)

~ Send a minimum of one set of 5 Fat Quarters: for each set buy 1 1/2 yards of 100% quilters' cotton in the correct color/theme for the swap, cut it in half down the entire length of the fabric. Cut these two lengths into 3 pieces each that are approximately 18" x 22" each. Keep one Fat Quarter for your stash and put the other 5 into one large zip bag and seal it. (The zip bags help protect your fabric.) Please do not put each Fat Quarter in a separate plastic bag! You will receive by return mail 5 different Fat Quarters of fabric.

*** You may send a maximum of two sets, with each set being a different fabric, i.e., one set of 5 pink gingham Fat Quarters and the second set being 5 pink floral Fat Quarters. Depending on how many quilters are swapping you may get some of your own fabrics back.

Optional: you may label your Fat Quarters with a pinned or thread basted label with your name and location or manufacturer info if you wish. Please do not use gummed labels or tape.

~ Put your zip bag with your set(s) into a large mailing envelope along with a 9" x 12" or larger mailing envelope with your name and mailing address on the front and return postage IN STAMPS to cover the return of your fabrics. POSTAGE HAS INCREASED, SO PLEASE BE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH RETURN POSTAGE ON YOUR RETURN ENVELOPE! DO NOT USE METERED POSTAGE FROM THE POST OFFICE ON YOUR RETURN ENVELOPE! Please do not use mailing/return envelopes smaller than 9" x 12".

The next quarterly swap for 2007 will be Small Florals and the deadline for that swap is May 15, 2007. Any color is acceptable, but the scale should be small. Remaining quarterly swaps are Blues (Aug. 15) and Dots & Spots (Nov. 15).

E-mail through the GardenWeb may or may not work at present. If your e-mail gets through, I will reply right away with my mailing address. If it appears that the GW e-mail is not working and you don't receive a reply from me, post on this thread and I will try something else.

You do not have to "sign-up" for this Fat Quarter swap. A post here on this thread when you have mailed your fabrics will give me a heads up to look out for your package.

Holler if you have any questions.

Teresa - I mean, Marcia (trifles)


E-mailed Trifles to Sign up: 1/16/06.
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