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adorable planted babyshoes pic

posted by: luvs2click on 07.10.2006 at 09:34 pm in Garden Junk Forum

A friend of mine picked this pair of shoes up at a flea market and asked me to plant them with hen & chicks for her. I think they will soon be overcome by them, but they DID turn out cute! Arlene


see if Deb has someH&C to sare, but need to find out what to in winter
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RE: Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment Question (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: donn_ on 06.23.2006 at 07:00 pm in Garden Clinic Forum

Hydrogen Peroxide is the reason rainwater affects plants more positively than tap or well water. I've never used it, but folks have sworn by it for decades. It supposedly not only stimulates growth, but enhances production, preserves blossoms and acts as a harmless (?) insecticide.


try this
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RE: cracking marbles (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: fivemeows on 03.27.2006 at 04:43 pm in Garden Junk Forum

I did the samething as a kid. We put them in the frying pan heated them really hot then popped them in water with ice cubes. And they cracked as soon as they hit the water.


the cracked marbles were used in spinners, gazing balls,I was leaning toward blues in a bird bath
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