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How to Seal Attic Before Insulating

posted by: thebigad on 07.13.2012 at 09:46 am in Heating & Air Conditioning Forum

In a previous post, I received a lot of help (from energy rater la) on figuring out how to seal attic openings before laying out insulation. Like many, I thought insulating would seal the attic - not the case.

While most of my questions were answered in the previous post, I thought I would post under a new post so that somebody in my position could easily get an answer as well, and keep the conversation going under this post. Below are some questions I still have from the previous post. If they get answered in the previous post, I'll post them here.

Question: If I have an IC can light, can I just spray foam around where the housing meets the attic floor and then cover it with insulation?

Question: If I have a non-IC can light, I understand that I need to cover it with an airtight box and spray foam that box to the attic floor. What if the non-IC can light is near the very edge of the roof. How do I cover it up so that (A) it is airtight and (B) I can throw insulation on it?

Question: I have a brick chimney that I need to seal around. My fireplace is natural gas and not often used. Do I still need to put metal flashing at a 2 in. distance all around the chimney or can I just spray fireblock foam around the base of the chimney and then dump insulation around it?



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