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RE: For those who have a 10' deep sink - does your faucet splash? (Follow-Up #12)

posted by: columbusbrian on 01.01.2011 at 05:10 pm in Kitchens Forum

I have a Shaws sink, approximately 10" deep and have never had a splashing problem. My faucet is a Giagni. Here is a pic.


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May I see your dining room chandelier?

posted by: sumnerfan on 12.29.2010 at 11:14 am in Home Decorating Forum

I've been looking at light fixtures for the dining room and I would really like to see what other people have used and how they look in the space.

We decided to 'fix' our centering problem by moving the table. I'm kind of embarrassed I didn't think of that sooner. So I can have something that hangs down, it just won't be centered with the arch.

Thanks in advance for showing me your lighting.


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