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Espresso Colored Paint? Help!

posted by: colorfast on 05.18.2013 at 07:30 pm in Home Decorating & Design Forum

Hi, I am trying to find a great "espresso" brown-black hue for my bathroom cabinet. What do people recommend?

Existing colors:
 photo 2dd30eb3-47b4-4756-8f19-f929ad2319d3_zpsbcc6ba49.jpg

countertop color photo IMG_6442_zps1ff641b5.jpg

Paint Chips 1 photo IMG_6444_zps45fa16b8.jpg

Paint Chips seen above: Upper Left, RL Cargo Brown; Behr Dark Truffle; Behr Espresso Beans, MStewart Burl. Lower left, Behr Iced Espresso and RL Galvanized.

Note that is the same countertop in photos 2 and 3, just different lighting. Also the wall is the same color in 1 and 3 (disregard the nasty bright yellow glue in photo 3, to be replaced with a tile backsplash).

Below in photo 4 is my mistake, trying out a friend's custom color (which looked darker and less milk chocolate in her low-light bathroom):

Paint Sample too brown photo IMG_6441_zps7ae344f8.jpg

thanks so much for any advice!



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HATE my Grohe fixtures

posted by: newyorking on 12.05.2009 at 01:17 pm in Bathrooms Forum

I ordered Grohe fixtures after reading about them on the forums - the Grohe Movario and other shower fixtures to go with it. EVERYTHING is plastic -- everything! Except for the handshower bar. I cannot believe Grohe is plastic, and for the same price I can get metal Kohler or Hansgrohe. I am so upset. Why why why do people here like Grohe Movario when even the handshower is mere plastic? The trims are plastic?? I read that Hansgrohe is plastic but Grohe is sturdy, but its the other way around. Hansgrohe is mostly metal and some parts are plastic, which is reverse for Grohe. I will be charged a 25% restocking fee for returning Grohe.

Not a single showroom in Manhattan accepts returns without a restocking fee. I ordered Kohler for powder room, Grohe guest/kids bath, and Hansgrohe master bath. Kohler was very sturdy for the price and heavy, Hansgrohe sleek and sturdy with some plastic parts, and Grohe trims and shower are plastic. I am so disappointed. Kohler is the best but too traditional looking for me. Of course Dornbracht is the best but their showers are just too pricey.

Very very disappointed. Why do people like Grohe showers when they are all plastic? I am now really concerned about the Grohe Concetto I ordered for the kitchen.


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Finished! Marble lookalike, subway tile, custom medicine, all DIY

posted by: VictoriaElizabeth on 11.15.2012 at 10:38 am in Bathrooms Forum

Our original bathroom was old and grungy. Not to mention the bad DIY by the previous owner. Plus it was a terrible layout, with the sink and toilet on opposite walls, making an already small bath even smaller and hard to navigate. On top of all of that, you can see we have a large window in the shower.

Bathroom before we gutted it. Original bath before renovation. DIY home repair. Old bathroom remodel.

We gutted it, finding an entire other bathroom underneath which was a nightmare to remove. It was all concrete and wetbed and reinforcement wire... it was a mess. The previous owner just went right over it.

But for all the stress and anxiety, I am incredibly happy with the outcome. This may be the first house-renovation project that turned out exactly the way I wanted!

The remodel dragged on and on and on and on... All of which was my fault, since I found choosing fixtures and tile overwhelming. Mostly to do with my search for a marble look-alike tile that was a color/size/polish that I wanted... I do think the agony was eventually worth it. I really love the end result.

2 Victorian bathroom remodel, subway tile, peronda museum bianca carrara tile, marble, custom medicine cabinet, sconces through mirror, console sink, bath renovation, DIY, old house renovation1

I wanted the remodeled bathroom to have a vintage feel- the house was built in 1890. Plus, I happen to really like subway tile and console sinks. But I also wanted it to be clean and modern. And bright! Really, really, really bright! The large mirrors and sconces through the glass really opened up the narrow room and increased the light...

I always like when other gardenweb-ers say what the best decision they made was. And even though my favorite element is the large mirror over the sink, I think I would have to say our best design decision was either the extra-tall, between-the-studs custom medicine cabinet we built, or the transom window we added. Appearance-wise they are lovely, but also incredibly practical.

More photos and info about our bathroom remodel:

Here is a link that might be useful: Finished Bathroom


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