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Preparing Bathroom for Tiling

posted by: daylightharbor on 05.10.2010 at 06:15 pm in Old House Forum


I'm preparing to put tile on the plaster walls of my bathroom. It looks like there's a lot of options for doing this - can you let me know which option is the easiest and/or best?

When we moved in the walls in the bathroom were literally covered with sheets of particle board that had been painted with deck sealer. .

The other issue is that there is one non-switched light in there, directly over the toilet. I want to add a switch near the door and put the box for the light fixture over the medicine cabinet.

To get started, I removed the painted plywood and underneath it looks like several layers of paint down to the plaster. No mold or water damage which is nice. The walls are flat except for two areas bulging out where it looks like the plaster was removed and drywall was installed over the lath to patch a hole. The plaster's in pretty good shape except for some peeling paint and the drywall-patched holes. The previous owners probably had some issues with the skylight because the ceiling is drywall.

So here's how I'm thinking about going ahead with this...I'd appreciate any input you can provide!!

1. Remove plaster and lath; address electrical/potential plumbing issues; Put green drywall/cement board directly on studs and tile over that.

2. Remove the plaster; leave the lath in place and attach the drywall to that;

3. Leave the plaster except the areas I need to take out for the electrical, drywall right over the plaster after taking out those drywall patches.

Did I mention this bathroom is the location of our only tub? I want to do this right but I'm concerned about the length of time it will take to get this done with a full-time job. Let me know what you think!


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removing lathe and plaster, insulating, drywalling

posted by: billtron on 01.19.2007 at 10:10 am in Old House Forum

Hi. My wife and I just bought an old century plus home this past Fall. The walls are the old lathe and plaster style, and even though they are in decent to good condition I really want to repace them next spring or summer with drywall. My reasoning for this is twofold, the first is basically just asthetic value, I personally do not like the look or feel of lathe and plaster walls. Secondly and most importantly I might add is that I'm very confident that there is little if any insulation behind these walls. Which living in Ontario Canada adds up to a very expensive heating bill the month of December was atrocious and the temperature averaged above freezing! Drywalling and insulating I have done before so I know more or less what to expect eith it, but removing the lathe and plaster is something I've never experienced, what should I prepare for and what is the best methods to remove it? Also if anyone has any other suggestions of things I could do or try to resolve the issue (such as other insulating methods), I would gladly hear them. Just remember that as in most cases money is an issue : )


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