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RE: Please Help with Drawer Size--Pic (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: cloud_swift on 03.04.2007 at 02:15 am in Kitchens Forum

Does the island table have storage under it or is it really table like? Are your cabinets framed or frameless? For framed cabinets, you loose a bit of space between the drawers. With frameless you can do some more drawers. You will loose a little space under the cooktop due to the thickness of the cooktop - I think it is usually 3 to 4" for cooktops.

You don't mention flatware and utensils as something that needs to go in those drawers, but it seems likely that you will want them there near the dishwasher. Also, what about saran wrap, foil and such? Pot holders and towels?

We measured a lot of things before deciding what to do. We went with 10 or 11" (in terms of the height of the drawer front) drawers for pots and pans - from our manufacturer, that means the inside depth of the drawer is about 8 or 9".

Shorter drawers 4 1/2 to 5 1/4" for things like spices, utensils, pot holders, wraps (foil and plastic).

In between size drawers can be right for measuring cups, bowls, some foods that you want nearer than the pantry.

Some drawer stacks with frameless cabinets could be -
a short drawer for spices with two 10 or 11 inch drawers for pots and pans underneath.
2 short (5.25") drawers, a medium drawer (8") and a deep drawer (10.85").
4 short drawers and a medium drawer.


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RE: drawer dimensions (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: cloud_swift on 03.08.2007 at 11:18 am in Kitchens Forum

In a frameless base cabinet you usually have about 29.5 inches of height for drawer fronts in the drawer stack. You need to measure drawers to find the numbers for your brand, but you will probably find that drawer interior depth is about 2 inches less than the drawer front height. This 2 inches is the space lost to drawer bottom thickness, room for undermount drawer slides and the distance that the drawer sides and front hang below the drawer bottom. The top drawer in the stack slightly overlaps the cabinet box top so it looses about another 3/8 of an inch.

Also, the drawer interior in a 24" back to frond base cabinet is usually about 19.5 to 20 inches back to front. For a frameless cabinet with 3/4" sides, the drawer interior width will be about 3" less than the cabinet width.

Framed cabinets loose some additional width for the frame - this can vary a lot because some have wide frames and some have narrower ones. They also lose space in drawer height for the frame between the drawers. The drawer heights below are in our frameless cabinets - they would need adjustment for framed cabinets and possibly for different brands of frameless.

We measured a bunch of our stuff to decide on drawer depths. My DH was tired of having drawers with stuff piled up inside so utensils had to be dug through to find what one wanted so he wanted more shallower drawers to spread things out more.

Almost all our pots and pans were less than 8" high - most much less than that. So our pot and pans drawers are 10 and 11" high exteriors. We do have a couple of large pasta pots that we keep in the pantry or under the prep sink. I like 36" wide drawers for pots and pans.

For utensils, flatware, and foil and plastic wrap, a 5.25" drawer height works well. That or slightly shorter also works for a spice drawer. We have a 4.5" top drawer for that and I wish we had given it an extra quarter inch, though it works okay as it is. An in between height of 7.25 to 8.5" works well for items like measuring cups, bread, snacks, coffee and tea, bowls.

In our baking center drawer stack, we have an 11.85" drawer for supplys such as flour and sugar. That is tall enough to hold 5 pound sacks in a plastic container.

We didn't do dish drawers.


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