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Firsthouse, stainless steel cleaner you suggested wonderful

posted by: maggie08 on 08.08.2010 at 07:55 am in Kitchens Forum

Thanks so much for posting about the stainless steel cleaner W.O.W., it's so easy and you are right streakfree. My son has a part time job at Ace and I asked him to order in some for me. He brought it home and I was amazed it wasn't like the many others. The only other one I've liked is Stainless Steel Magic from Home Depot. But this W.O.W. looks so much better. Can't thank you enough. I have a few different brands in my kitchen. The dishwasher is Electrolux and I thought well maybe it is the grade of steel they use. It just looked streaky clean not great. And I would wonder why can't I get them looking nice. Now they all do and my son has to work at Ace forever. Kidding! I like his discount!! Thanks again.I would pay the price gladly it does so good.


Stainless steel cleaner called WOW.
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