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RE: What's the best stainless steel cleaner? (Follow-Up #49)

posted by: Bisquick1 on 03.21.2014 at 05:44 pm in Appliances Forum

I tried them all.......I had to work really hard and still got streaks until I listened to the folks here who said Bar Keep Friend. I didn't have any on hand so I used Bon Ami (guaranteed not to scratch). I used 2 cups hot water and about 2 tablespoons Bon Ami and kind of dissolved the Bon Ami in the water. I wiped it on with a soft towel, scrubbing where needed with additional Bon Ami and wiped it with a rinsed out rag. Dried it with a dry towel and in seconds, literally, no streaks, shiny, clean.........amazing
! I can't believe I wasted all that money on stainless steel cleaning products. I was ready to sell my stainless appliances because they looked so crummy all the time. No wax, no oil, no nothing but clean......yeah! Oh and the bottom freezer section is exactly how filthy the whole thing was.


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RE: Dimmer switches and wall plates (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: calumin on 07.28.2014 at 08:29 pm in Kitchens Forum

I have the same Unilumes for UCL, and also installed Cree CR4s for recessed lighting. I also had two different incandescent lights (so a total of four dimmers).

I used the Lutron Maestro series for all the dimmer switches. For the Unilume it said I could use their C-L dimmers (MACL‑153M) but it didn't work for my specific load. If you go with Lutron, I would try C-L first because it's much less expensive than the ELV dimmer, and it might work in your case.

For the Unilume I had to use their ELV dimmer (MAELV-600) to eliminate buzzing. The model I used has a gloss finish and is available in their seven gloss colors. There is another ELV model which I didn't use (MSCELV‑600M) which has a satin finish and is available in their 20 satin colors. I've never seen that model in a store but I think it is available on Amazon.

They also sell color-matched 6-gang wall plates to go with the switches.

These links might help:
Lutron Maestro Dimmer Switch Model Numbers
Lutron Maestro Dimmer Switch Overview

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RE: Light rail / UCL - potential issue? (Follow-Up #10)

posted by: jakuvall on 06.16.2014 at 03:58 pm in Kitchens Forum

I too use the Hafele exclusively. I always use one of the channels for it though- choice of diffusers. I also set at front edge of the cabinet and often have it tilted slightly toward the backsplash.
sjhockeyfan- I gather your cabinets are already done and in? Frameless contemporary I:
-use a very small light rail- surface mount channel is as small as 5/16" - rail can easily be 3/4- less depending on seating in the visiinity
-have the bottom of the cabinets recessed
-have the doors extended down slightly (or the boxes raised depending on point of view)
-use a channel designed to be recessed into the bottom of the cabinet. That only protrudes down 1/16" but you need to route the bottom of the cabinet to accept it- a bear once they are installed.
If none of those work for you I'd take a look at the Hafele Loox catalog- there are a few that are designed for surface mount and may look better than just tape. Sometimes those are mounted further back, One interesting one to look at is the 3006 -surface mounted sliding light system. Fun to play with but not as inexpensive as the tape, higher light output. Only comes in 35 7/16 lengths.
With all of them you still have to get power to them albeit low voltage.

An aside for anyone reading this that is still in planning stages.

Make your life easy and plan your lights AND electric during the design (a layout is not a design until the details are done)


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RE: Light rail / UCL - potential issue? (Follow-Up #13)

posted by: sjhockeyfan on 06.18.2014 at 05:48 pm in Kitchens Forum

Just wanted to let you know our undercabinet light strips have been installed, and are great (we just needed some light on that side -- we don't use it to prep, but the sink and cooktop are on that side, so we needed SOMETHING). We got our lights from Inspired LED online. Everything worked perfectly, except one connector was too long (our fault) and therefore sticks out. Inspired told us we can send back the long strip, and they'll replace it with something different (we decided to add some strips around the hood area anyway). Bottom line, we're very happy with both the LED strips in general, and with Inspired LED in particular.

This is the email we got from inspired this morning after my DH wrote to ask if there's a fix for the too-long connector:

"Sorry to hear that. Yes, I have a solder-less connector that can be attached to the strip. You’ll lose 3 LEDs, but it won’t be a noticeable difference. Take a look at the video and let me know if it makes sense. It will allow you to shorten the strip and add a connector.

25” Flex Strip - $18.50
(2) 2’ Cables - $10

Total - $28.50

You can return the 12’ cable and we’ll give you a refund.

Let me know if you have any questions. Talk to you soon."

He also drew up a design. Very very good service. I got their name from someone on GW.

Here is a link that might be useful: Inspred LED


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RE: Kraus or Ruvati Kitchen Sink (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: dennisforman on 07.21.2014 at 07:45 pm in Kitchens Forum

The finish of the two were quite similar. Side-by-side the Ruvati had a more brushed finish while the Kraus was more satin. I think its personal preference. Also, both sink had the rounded inside edge (tight-radius) which I wanted because it makes it easy to keep clean, but the Kraus was too rounded for my taste. The Ruvati was a little less rounded.

Do you currently have a SS sink? SS is easy to keep clean. The bottom rinse grid prevents most of the scratches that the sink would get otherwise from daily use. Whenever I empty my sink, I lift the grid and then do a gently scrub of the whole sink with dishwashing soap and sponge and then rinse it down with water. Once a month I also use Barkeepers Friend, which makes the sink look like new!

Mine is the RVH7400 model. I got it from Amazon.


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RE: what finish faucet with Blanco's Cinder sink? (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: PhoneLady on 06.07.2014 at 01:04 am in Kitchens Forum

I can show you what the Moen Woodmere (spot resistant finish) looks like with the cinder.........we love the sink AND the color. It's a dream to keep looking nice. Also we went with the Blanco with the integrated stainless basket, so that influenced our faucet finish decision as well. The granite is Typhoon Bordeaux and it plays well with the cinder too.


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Wavering on sink decision-help!

posted by: malabacat on 07.15.2014 at 07:41 pm in Kitchens Forum

Help, I'm wavering on which type of sink to get for my kitchen, SS or Silgranit. I originally chose the Julien Classic sink with the offset drain. I saw it in person and really liked it. Big, roomy but not too large, corners angled just enough to be easy to clean. But since then I've been reading more and more about Silgranit sinks, and now I'm not sure if I should go with SS. I like the look of SS sinks, there's one in our current rental and I don't have any issue with noise or cleaning it. I also like how the Silgranit sinks look. I saw one in a cream color, and liked how it felt, but I didn't know it came in other colors, so it didn't really make it onto my radar, as cream wasn't what I was looking for. Silgranit has a sink that's the same basic dimensions and is a lot less expensive than the Julien sink. That's not a huge factor, but it is a factor, and I think it's what's driving my indecision. Our kitchen will have wood cabinets in a light stain, Caesarstone honed Pebble counters, and SS appliances. Would the metallic gray Silgranit go in a kitchen with those materials? Thinking I'd made all my decisions, I didn't keep my CS pebble sample, so I don't have one to take with me to see how it would look with the metallic gray Silgranit sink. Should I stick with the Julien? I'm so torn. All my other decisions I've been fine with, or my wavering has been short term. Not my sink. I'm sure either will be fine, but since I keep wondering if I've made the right choice, I decided to ask for help. We started our remodel last month, so I do have to make a decision soon if I'm going to change my mind. How did you make your sink decision, especially if you liked more than one sink type? In the town where we are currently living (rental house) there is only one kitchen and bath store. It's not too far away, but they are the kind of store that wants you to make an appt. to view their store products. So I don't have a way to go check out the gray Silgranit sink in person until I go back to check on our house (3 hrs away), which I won't be doing for at least another week, and even then I don't have my countertop sample to put against it to see how they look together. Why must I be so indecisive?!


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Pink! SW White Dogwood, no! Stinky's BM Queen Anne, yes!

posted by: juddgirl2 on 03.17.2011 at 02:15 am in Home Decorating Forum

I've posted about painting my DD's bedroom walls a pale pink and after searching the internet I had definitely decided on SW White Dogwood. It looked so pretty in the pictures - but not on her walls.

Against her green hutch, it took on a very cool, almost lavendar tone. So, after searching this forum I found Stinkygardeners beautiful BM Queen Anne pink room. From the sample on the wall, this seems like the perfect, ballet pink to complement her hutch and antique white furniture. Yay! I'm so glad stinky posted pictures.

I also found some Ralph Lauren 400 thread count Pumina cotton sheets on sale at Bloomingdales. They had the perfect ballet pink color to use for her duvet cover, white for the ruffled curtains, and a mossy green for pillows.

They were on sale and I got an extra 25% off in the store and another 20% off for opening a store credit card. I think it came out to around $9 for each twin flat sheet.

Now I'm ready to paint and sew!


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