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Pink! SW White Dogwood, no! Stinky's BM Queen Anne, yes!

posted by: juddgirl2 on 03.17.2011 at 02:15 am in Home Decorating Forum

I've posted about painting my DD's bedroom walls a pale pink and after searching the internet I had definitely decided on SW White Dogwood. It looked so pretty in the pictures - but not on her walls.

Against her green hutch, it took on a very cool, almost lavendar tone. So, after searching this forum I found Stinkygardeners beautiful BM Queen Anne pink room. From the sample on the wall, this seems like the perfect, ballet pink to complement her hutch and antique white furniture. Yay! I'm so glad stinky posted pictures.

I also found some Ralph Lauren 400 thread count Pumina cotton sheets on sale at Bloomingdales. They had the perfect ballet pink color to use for her duvet cover, white for the ruffled curtains, and a mossy green for pillows.

They were on sale and I got an extra 25% off in the store and another 20% off for opening a store credit card. I think it came out to around $9 for each twin flat sheet.

Now I'm ready to paint and sew!


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