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RE: Canning Hungarian Wax Peppers - Soggy (Follow-Up #14)

posted by: ksrogers on 08.16.2008 at 12:02 pm in Harvest Forum

Tried the grape leaves to, and didn't see any improvement. It may also depend on what kind or grape leaves used. Mine were Concord. I had also done lime soaks and these are just too much extra work to remove the coating of the cukes, and then scour out the stained bowls afterwards.

My pepper canning process uses full strength 5% vinegar and a vacuum pump that is applied to a large container of pierced pepproncini, and the brine. This helps to pull out all the air from each pepper and its displaced by the brine. Once its stoops bubbling, the jars get filled with the peppers, and I half fill them with fresh brine and pull another high vacuum again. This causes lots or swelling and bubbles, only becuase the they are getting a little more of the brine inside. After a minute, the anning jar vacuum adapter (Food Saver) is removed, more brine is added and the vacuum is repeated. This is usually done 3 times and then a lid is placed on the jars, and the adaptor is placed over the top. The vacuum is pulled this final time, and once I remove the vacuum hose off the adaptor, a small slug of air will force the lid onto the jar, as well as having a stronger vacuum (stronger than a regular procssing can do). This is a commercial type procedure and needs specialized equipment as mentioned before.

The crispest pickles are the refrigerator ones, which see no heat of any kind during canning.


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