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I need a torch to sweat copper pipes...

posted by: diyourselfer on 05.22.2007 at 02:46 pm in Plumbing Forum

....I am new to this and I need a torch. Should I get propane or mapp? Do I get this:

or this:

The first one has the trigger but the second one looks like it may be easier to use in tight places since it has the hose...but no on off trigger so a flint is needed.


What kind of solder, paste and sandpaper will I need?

Thanks in advance,



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Corian or Laminate???

posted by: alymarie on 01.31.2007 at 12:26 pm in Kitchens Forum

Our cabinets in our new home were just installed the other day. The countertop guys just called with my prices for countertops. Formica laminate with a beveled edge would be $1,700 and Corian with integrated sink would be $4,200. We had originally said that if it was less than a $2000 difference we would go with Corian. Well, the difference after taking the sink into consideration is around $2100. We don't know what to do. We've gone over budget a little on the house but not too dramatically. Part of me says keep it cheap because we can always upgrade later. (plus the kids are hard on things). Another part of me says the 4 seams that we will have with the laminate will bug me and $2100 isn't that much compared to the price of the house. Does anyone have any thoughts that would make this decision easier?

PS I was originally planning on going with a Silgranit sink. If I go with the Corian I am torn between having an integrated Corian sink and going with my original plan for the Silgranit. Opinions anyone? Thanks.


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RE: Lamp Height in Bedroom (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: mitchdesj on 09.25.2006 at 06:41 am in Home Decorating Forum

here is something I saved from a magazine as a guideline for reading in bed


height for bedside lamps
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