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RE: can worms eat cactus? (Follow-Up #9)

posted by: chuckiebtoo on 09.19.2013 at 05:47 pm in Vermicomposting Forum

The spikes will decompose....but not in a "bit" longer. Actually a LOT longer. This is based on observances of similarly structured denser pumpkin stems, or twigs in horse manure, or chopped up corncobs.

It's lots easier and more practical to have decomposition and edibility progress at similar rates.

Contrary to that old erroneous wormers' holy grail, I spend a lot of time rummaging around in bins, experimenting, observing stuff, and continuing to be more and more positive that the wormies could care less if I'm "bothering" them. I haven't had a mass evacuation in about 15 matter what horrible impositions I put them thru.

Matter of fact, the easiest way to correct that malady when the worms become lethargic and begin to stagnate in the bottom of a bin that's too-wet down there? Stir it all up with your WONDERSTICKtm. The wormies will snap out of it and get back to work.

Anyway, because I DO spend lots of time with worm poop on my hands, I would not put stuff capable of pricking those fingers into the mix. For the same reasons, I don't put dog poop, or cow, or human in them, or stinky, slimy, or otherwise disgusting stuff in there either.




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