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RE: Kitchen Set-up 101: what to put where? (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: sharon_sd on 12.07.2006 at 09:58 am in Kitchens Forum

Keep your stuff in boxes until you actually need something. Then put it away in the spot nearest to where you used it, or nearest to where it was when you finished cleaning it, whichever is most efficient overall.

When you decide that looking through boxes is a big nuisance, check one more time for things you absolutely have to have, but have not yet used, because they are only used seasonally (strawberry hullers and corn holders...).

Keep them and box up the rest for charity or the trash.


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pocket door hardware (Follow-Up #24)

posted by: jimandanne_mi on 12.02.2006 at 08:47 pm in Kitchens Forum

Thanks, sharon! I'm chuckling about your pocket door comment, since just yesterday the lumber yard delivered different pocket door frames than we'd specified. The recommendations we've seen several times have been for the Johnson mid-grade hardware. DH called our salesperson (we're owner-builders), and very nicely told him to pick up the ones he'd sent, and order the Johnsons we'd asked for!


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RE: Warm Bathroom Floors (Follow-Up #8)

posted by: bill_vincent on 06.21.2006 at 03:34 pm in Bathrooms Forum

Best two from the above list are Suntouch and NuHeat.


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White Fantasy Granite

posted by: blondelle on 11.30.2006 at 03:58 pm in Kitchens Forum

For those looking for a carrera look without the problems, I just came across this granite. I was told it's about maintenance free as Bianco Romano. It doesn't have the pinkish cast of BR, and it all shades of grey. I'm not sure if you have it in your area, but if you're looking for a source in the tristate NY area I found it at IGM Corp. They don't have it up on the site yet, but here are some photos of it. They told me the last lot sold out. I spoke to Rick there. VERY knowledgable about all stones.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I think it would be too much for my tiny kitchen though. It would be awesome on an island. It's just stunning!


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RE: New UC lighting thread (Follow-Up #9)

posted by: rococogurl on 11.14.2006 at 01:32 pm in Kitchens Forum

Here's a rundown on the undercab lighting.

Low voltage can be halogen or xenon. Those are types of bulbs.

Fixtures can be pucks or strips/bars. Those come in various lengths. Depending on the brand and where you need them you can order to a certain length (some brands) or order in modular lengths and "daisy chain" them together.

Strips can have various types of lenses or coverings, or no lenses.

All low voltage wiring requires a transformer. Which one you buy depends on how many lights are involved. They need to match so you don't get buzzing/flickering.

The brands favored here are Kichler (bars), Seagull (above), Task xenon Luche (what I have) and several others. There are a dozen or more brands and it depends on what you want, what you want to spend, what's available, etc.

The lowest profile I found was the xenon Luche from Task. That's 7/8" deep and encased in a clear plastic frame. I have it under a platerack with a 1" deep lip and it cannot be seen.

There is another one but I don't recall which which is slightly slimmer.

Halogen is the hottest light so people are trending away from it.

Xenon is a bit cooler and I find it to be bright white light.

There is also florescent undercab lighting but that requires completely different wiring. Cannot just switch from that to any other.

I have my halogen pucks on dimmers; they are fine.

I don't have the xenon on dimmers and they are fine too.

But you can put low voltage on dimmers; no problem.

Hope that helps clarify here. This was, however, covered in another thread very recently so anyone interested may want to do a quick search and pull it up and read it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Task Lighting


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