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Pics of our new sectional

posted by: redroze on 11.28.2008 at 01:37 pm in Home Decorating Forum

Our new sectional just came in today! I'm so excited, we've been renovating our kitchen and attached family room for the past 7 months and progress has been slower than we had wanted. But seeing the new sectional gets me very excited that it's almost coming to an end.

Here's what our family room looked like before. Don't get me wrong, I loved many things about it. It just didn't make the best use of space, and the tv and fireplace were competing. I also hated the golden hardwood floors which are hard to see in this photo.


Here's our new sectional! Still need to order the shag rug, and a brown leather square ottomon. We're mounting a flat screen tv on the wall to the right of the fireplace, and we may mount some silver shelves on the wall above the sectional and display black and white photos. Also, the fireplace is primed but needs to be painted (50% of the wall colour) so it blends in more, as we don't want it to be a focal point. And we're in the process of choosing a fabric for the drapes. I also want to get a low console table to go behind the sectional as I don't like the dividing line that shows in the back.

Can I get some suggestions on the colour/fabric of throw that would work with the pillows and sofa? Do you think a faux fur throw would work, and if so, what colour? I definitely need to get more pillows as it looks too bare - maybe in chocolate brown?



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RE: What would a retro chandelier look like? (Follow-Up #12)

posted by: chloe_s_mom on 01.24.2009 at 11:32 am in Home Decorating Forum

Last Mango - I think that as long as we decorate our homes with items that we love (and are useful), then "it" works! Thanks for posting photos!

Okay, I fell in love with the Venus Fly trap chandelier. I've described it as 'so ugly that it is beautiful'. The colours are PERFECT for both the rug and the seat covers, so I've lugged it home. One of my cats likes it too, and was chewing on a metal leaf....hmmm...DH is going to hate it. Oh well.

Here it is!


New chandelier!
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RE: What would a retro chandelier look like? (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: chloe_s_mom on 01.23.2009 at 03:57 pm in Home Decorating Forum

Okay, the pics just don't do it justice. Also, we're not in our new house yet, so the wall colour etc isn't what it will be. Only two chairs around the table as I am recovering the other two right now!

(okay, first time posting photos - not working so well)
paisley pattern

Here is a link that might be useful: table


My chair
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