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Re-seeding a new lawn. Help!

posted by: chitra0828 on 08.26.2014 at 09:58 am in Lawn Care Forum

We installed a new lawn this Spring (had no choice with the timing as this was a brand new home). We had the lawn hydroseeded in April and have irrigated it regularly since. We got some very good advice on fertilization and weed control from the helpful folks on this site and based on that, held back from applying any fertilizer or weed control until late summer/early Fall � which is of course now.

We have hired someone to apply fertilizer and weed control (he is using Q4, which from my basic research seems to be a reasonable choice to kill weeds, but not our fledgling lawn). Then in a couple of weeks, we plan to aerate and overseed. Some questions:

1. Is aeration necessary and recommended? When the house was completed in spring, we had several inches of top soil put down and compacted, and have been advised that aeration will definitely help.

2. Is around mid Sep a good time to overseed? We are in southwest CT.

3. What mix of grass seed would you recommend? The original lawn was a mix of Rye Seed and Kentucky Blue Grass, but we definitely lost some seed due to torrential spring rain, so I am not sure what exact mix actually germinated. I suspect there was more Rye than KBG. I understand that Rye and KBG are decent choices for Fairfield County, Connecticut, but also Tall Fescue or Fine Fescue are also good and potentially more heat/cold resistant. Does it make sense to go with a mix of all these?

4. Our lawn area is ~18000 sq feet. The lawn is ~3 inches high and reasonable overall, with a few sparse patches. How much seed should we need for overseeding? A quick web search suggested 4lb/sq foot for Tall Fescue and Perennial Rye and 1-2lb/sq foot for KBG. Does this sound reasonable?

Thx All! Chitra


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Young Lawn: Should we be mowing now? and Treatments..

posted by: chitra0828 on 06.30.2014 at 10:04 am in Lawn Care Forum

Hi: we moved into our newly constructed home this spring and could only seed the topsoil in april 2014. We hydroseeded. Since then we've had some good growth with the following observations:

1. The lawn in most parts is around 2-4 inches. A little thicker and slightly taller in other places. We are not clear tho if we shd be mowing the lawn yet. Opinion of garden chaps seems divided. Any thoughts?

2. We do have some weeds developing. We have a patch of Nutsedge. Addly, we have what is either crab grass or a thick multi-stemmed weed growing up isolated, but steadily around the lawn. We have done one round of picking by hand (painful) but are now wondering if we shd be spraying something to control the stuff. But we are keen not to hurt the young lawn. Again opinion seems divided. ANy thoughts on what we shd and can do from a treatment perspective?

Thx Chitra

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Can I start fertilizing my lawn in July?

posted by: pagenie on 07.08.2010 at 12:38 pm in Lawn Care Forum

I have not fertilized my lawn in several years.
Following the Scott's Fertilizing Plan, should I jump in and begin by using Scott's Summerguard now?
Would it be better to start at the beginning of the plan for February to April?


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