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RE: Senior/Elder Pet Care Ideas (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: pamghatten on 11.03.2009 at 01:13 pm in Pets Forum

Very hard to watch your babies get old. My Dakota is almost 13, and is very arthiritic.

He's on Glucosimine and Milk Thistle for his liver, plus some prescription meds to help with the pain in his joints.

I have 2 dog beds on top of each other, we call them his "throne". He finds them very comfortable!

I have a stool he uses to get into my truck, he's a 75lb yellow lab/husky mix with long legs ... not much i can do about lifting him anywhere.

The hardest thing is getting my other dog, Lily, to play gently with him. She's going on 5, so has tons of energy and really wants him to play. He just can't play the way she wants him to.

Patience ... and not reacting to the occasional accidents in the house ... and LOTS of love!


Tried a local vet product for arthritis for an old dog I found. Also sent away for products.
K 9 Mobility I found stopped my dog from limping. It has Boswellia for the pain, Hyaluronic Acid, Egg Membrane, Bromelain, Alfalfa, Boron, Chrondrotin Sulfate, Glucosamine plus many other ingredients. You get results soon. She wanted to go outside on her own and she jumped up on the step into the house. She walked around the whole backyard without limping.
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