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Cut off all buds & blooms on young rose?

posted by: carol6ma_7ari on 06.14.2011 at 09:54 am in Antique Roses Forum

Someone told me that in order to direct the young plant's energy into the root strength, I should cut off all the flower buds and the 2-4 blooms that have burst forth, on my 2-year climbing antique roses. Is that right? It'd be a shame to not enjoy the sight and fragrance of my baby roses, after waiting 2 years. I read that the 3rd year, they "leap" and start growing taller. So far they are mostly 18" to 30" high. But they are all climbers: Alberic Barbier, r. alba semi-plena, Gardenia, Buff Beauty, Abraham Darby, r. moschata, Sombreuil, Crepuscule.



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How do nurseries force blooms?

posted by: andreark on 06.06.2013 at 10:53 am in Roses Forum

I just picked up 7 beauties from Regan's in Fremont. They are vigorously healthy and have really a lot of new growth. My question is, how do the nurseries promote
all this new growth? And the funny thing is, THE NEW GROWTH IS NOT WHERE NEW GROWTH ON MY ROSES APPEAR. My rose new growths all seem to come from the bud eyes just above a 5 leaf set. (where I deadhead).

The new growth on the new ones is EVERYWHERE on the canes!!

By the way, one new one is Francis Meilland.



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