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RE: Anyone Used Any of Those Transfer On Wall Quotes? (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: Stephanie Boyd (Guest) on 10.08.2007 at 04:46 pm in Home Decorating Forum

I am a demonstrator for Uppercase Living and I have moved a few times since I started and I have had to take down several that had been up on the wall for long periods of time. They came of easily and did not leave anything behind. Tip: If it does not lift easily, take a blowdryer to it for about 30 seconds and the ends will curl up and it will peel right off. I have never tried another brand, but I do know there are several out there. With Uppercase Living you can get free samples to try on your walls and it really helps the husbands understand what it is. (I have a had more than a few leary husbands) If you don't already know someone and you'd like to see an online catalog or want some free samples-I'd be glad to send some! Just go to and register under "Customer Login" use ID#879499 and token: boyd. You don't have to have a party to order. Hope this helps! Stephanie Boyd, Uppercase Living Independent Demonstrator


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