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RE: OH ...Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (Follow-Up #9)

posted by: nicethyme on 11.18.2007 at 06:22 pm in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

Hazie, I modified it alittle - knowing that I wanted to try tiles

3 C flour
1 C salt
1 C water (I substituted admix) LOL
2 tsp oil

knead it until mixed, then roll it out

bake at 250 for an hour then increase temp to 350 and bake until evenly golden.


Nices reciepe for salt dough for mosaics.
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RE: Patio path done! (Follow-Up #18)

posted by: yellow-rose on 10.10.2007 at 05:24 pm in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

A few mentioned that this may be slippery. Ceramic tile is slippery when wet. But between the grout lines and the different levels of tile I think it will be minimal. I'll let you know next year. It may take that long to rain!

Lady, yes, Lowes carries this tile. I wish they carried more colors. It's so hard to find color! And, you have but to 'yearn' to 'belong'.

Chick. I hope I can explain myself here. All cuts are done with the guard on. I covered 2 objects on this diagram. On the Rt is a circle, the LT a turtles head. BL ink shows the object. The 1st cuts are marked in pencil. They are to remove the bulk of unwanted tile (or glass).

2nd cuts are in green. The solid lines are 1 straight cut. The dashes are 2 str, cuts into each other. Making a 'V' cut. Yellow points are sliced off. This leaves only the inside curve left. It's done with many small cuts. 1 into the curve, then UP the curve. In small degrees. Once it gets to this point you're making such small cuts that you can pick the tile up at an angle and move it around on the blade smoothing out the curve. It's much easier to do than to explain. So dump some water in your saw and try it!


diagram to make curves and circles with tile saw!!!
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RE: One more project done (Follow-Up #10)

posted by: tasymo on 09.23.2007 at 05:27 pm in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

Gretch- I was advised on a different forum to spray the back of a mirror I made with automotive undercarriage spray. You can get it at any hardware store, or automotive dept. in a spray can, pretty cheap (around $5) It resembles tar once its dried and protects the silver backing on your mirror from weather damage. Love your mirror! Kathy


mirror saver
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RE: Faux Van Gogh (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: slowmedown on 07.13.2007 at 05:00 pm in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

SHADES: By dry application on the first part is: Brush the whole sheet w/black paint, w/paper towel, wipe off so that only the texture shows in black - you know - like when you faux-finish walls - you put the dark on, wipe off to leave the shadows of the dark. Then paint w/your regular colors - metallics are fabulous. Then, there are the iridescent enamels - do the same but I used two coats of that. The last coat is another black. On the gold leaf tiles, mentioned in BAMA's thread, I put the adhesive on, then gold leaf, then the red basecoat that is recommended UNDER gold leaf for the old world effect, then a coat of black. ROSIE was just here, and she said the faux Van Gogh looks so authentic. We can't tell the difference in the ones we bought and the ones I made. In fact, the purple looks like the same shade of paint. She said "poor Maria - just lost customers". Seriously, I'll never BUY Van Gogh again. It's so satisfying to DIY. I'm making this up but I'll just bet that's how the VG is made - paint on textured glass then baked on. Now I know how I'm gonna treat a concrete pig I've had sitting out back for more than a year - PINK VAN GOGH w/purple accents.


What to use the glue chip glass for!! SOO awesome
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RE: my first gog project.....finally! (Follow-Up #18)

posted by: addiesue on 07.01.2007 at 02:27 pm in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I appreciate all the great comments! It's also good to hear from the true experts that I didn't break every rule in the "glass mosaic rule book". Reading this forum and looking at all the pics just reaffirms to me that there are so many things I don't know about the whole glass thing.

squirrellycanadian: The back of mine looks hideous too but I don't plan to look at the back so I'm ok with don't cry over what I can't

linlee/ calamity: I freehanded this and honestly didn't try to make it look like it was blowing in the wind but now that you mentioned it I can see it

I had been toying with the raised leaf vine idea for awhile and decided to try it on the door. I couldn't beleive how simple it was.... The putty I used is called Wood Plastic (actual name on the can) and you can find it at Home Depot in the wood fillers. It's $5.?? something a can which is a little more expensive than a plain wood filler BUT I chose this one because it is waterproof and can be used outdoors. I used approx. 3/4 of the can for the entire vine. It's like a putty and I just formed and shaped the vine with my fingers all over the door and then went in and made the leaves. I just put a glob of wood plastic on the vine and then took real leaves from my yard and gently pressed each one in to the wood putty to get the impression. Then I used the end of my knife and cut away the excess putty and some slits in the ends of the leaves for detail. It was set up hard enough to sand and paint by the next day. The paint is what really makes the vine pop. The paint is a green exterior paint from Home Depot. Once that was dry I sponged on/ragged off an acrylic metalic bronze (craft paint from Walmart I already had). I had never tried the process before but found it to be SO easy. Can't wait to try other things with it.



awesome idea to put on a door!!!!!
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RE: Mosaic walkway.. (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: slowmedown on 04.30.2007 at 04:02 am in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

'mornin' y'all. I'm back after a fun-filled weekend w/family and friends. CHICKEE: I mosaiced a couple spots on my front walk - one spot almost two yrs. ago, and both are holding beautifully, even under the stress of my rough treatment. I drag a garbage can over it when I'm gardening, and nothing has moved. On the first one I used Mapei Ultra Flex 2 Polymer modified mortar and Keracolor sanded grout. I waited over a year before I put on the second spot to test for endurance. On the second spot I used the mortar for adhesive as well as grout. I plan to put another spot on soon. I used a mixture of all kinds of dishes, tiles and glass, and not even the grout around the edges has chipped away. I'm quite happy w/the Mapei mortar. Last year someone posted a site where the lady put a diamond-back snake for the length of her walk. I didn't save it, but hopefully someone knows and can post it. It's WONDERFUL.


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Blue mirror is done

posted by: nicethyme on 03.24.2007 at 09:51 am in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

Boyo boy do I love this piece, I keep staring at it. talk about conceited hey? LOL

again, it's not gallery quality - far from it. But I learned alittle more about using plates and spacing of different thicknesses. but geez I really love it! lol

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Seriously thinking of doing something to my mannequin but with a more paisley effect...great inspiration
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sink wip

posted by: ba1je on 03.28.2007 at 01:54 pm in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket dont know if anyone remembers the sink i was doing but im slooooowly getting background done. slow because i have to stand and bend so much. achy back!!....barb


beautiful colors great job with flowers and comp, would love to do one like this
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RE: Shattered safety glass (Follow-Up #16)

posted by: KsMosaicNut on 05.16.2005 at 01:18 pm in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

I have a large piece of glass that a co-worker was kind enough to give me after a golf ball broke the side window of her van. It is tinted fairly dark so I am looking at ways to use it. I am thinking about not grouting and using different colors of foil underneath so the colors will show through where the grout would normally be.

Thanks for finding out what type of stain she uses! I have her site marked as one of my favorites. From reading her site I think she may use the lacquer based paint. Hmmm, it's got my creative juices flowing.


type of paint to use w/ crash glass
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RE: Shattered safety glass (Follow-Up #10)

posted by: Jillofall on 05.12.2005 at 06:49 pm in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

I used this glass in a mosaics class. The teacher provided it, but said you could just ask at auto glass repair shops. Just ask for the SHATTERED stuff. Please don't try to shatter it yourself. I suppose the thickness varies, so make sure you get glass with uniform thickness.

The glass pieces varied in size, but most were the size of pencil erasers or slightly smaller. They were easy to handle with fingers. My teacher had a piece of brown pottery. She had glued on real leaves. Then glued on the glass with space between for grout (clear drying glue). She used a brown or gold tinted grout. The thing was gorgeous. I tried it with silver colored tape I got at the dollar store, clear glue, and white grout with other mosaic glass. It looked pretty good.


idea for a terra cotta pot
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RE: Finished Window...and Light box! (Follow-Up #15)

posted by: toomuchglass on 01.13.2007 at 04:01 pm in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

AWESOME ! The panel AND the light box !

**Hint - if the flourescent lights in the light box blind you -- put clear frosted contact paper over the glass.

YOu sure did an excellent job !


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RE: Suffering Hindu Rope (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: fairyskyla on 01.17.2006 at 08:56 am in Hoya Forum

If you have fungus gnats then yes you are watering too much. Now that you know the problem it's time to rectify the situation. Your plant can be saved. You asked How much water should I use when watering? I am assuming you are questioning the hydrogen peroxide. One cup of water mixed with 1/4 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide is enough and yes this remedy is only for "ailing plants". One time is enough. So the next time it's up for watering give it this drink. When watering your plants. You should water it enough to see the water come out through the drainage holes. Once you see the water come out through the drainage holes you will know that the root ball is wet and that everything got a good drink. You must then wait for it to completely dry out before watering again, which should be like about a month. Give it as much light as you can.

Hope this helps.


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RE: Trimming Rhodys? (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: ego45 on 08.11.2006 at 10:03 pm in Azalea & Rhododendron Forum

Next year, right after the bloom.


When to trim rhodys in yard.
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RE: What to do with Crimson Queen shaping ? (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: myersphcf on 08.25.2006 at 12:01 pm in Maples Forum

It's basically a growing tree ..if it were mine I'd leave it be will most likeley keep developing it's mushroom shape with those longer growing shoots curving down You will most likely always have the areas of the tree against the porch have a differnt growth pattern than the rest since it is reallly too close and will not get much light..a JM is not like some conifirs that can withstand alot of shade..If you really want to give it a more pruned shape wait till leaf fall in the fall or early winter ..NOT late winter or early spring when sap is running ( with most other trees YES but not maples)...David


When to prune tree in front yard
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RE: When to cut back Rose Bushes (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: Blueheron on 09.26.2005 at 06:49 pm in New to Gardening Forum

It isn't recommended to do much pruning now, because it encourages new growth which you don't want in the fall when they're going into dormancy.

However, to keep the long canes from flipping around in the wind, trim them back to a managable height after frost so that they won't sprout. Then in the spring you can cut them back to about 8-10."


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