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posted by: xerophyte_nyc on 09.11.2011 at 09:51 am in Cacti & Succulents Forum

I am doing my best to avoid matters related to 9-11. I don't need reminding. I remember it every single day. I am lucky to not have lost anyone close to me, but I was pretty much right there at the time. It is still very much fresh in my mind, and the emotions are very strong. I have read and heard first hand the heart wrenching stories. A horrific chapter in our country's history. My only immediate wish is peace to all those touched.

Life goes on.

And with that, on a football Sunday, and as a follow up to a recent post about winter growers and how in my neck of the woods many have seen 40+ inches of rain since May, I present to you a bunch of photos, in no particular order, of how some things are doing here after a summer of virtual neglect (too busy with work and family!). Enjoy.

Pelecyphora asseliformis, gotta love the spinescactus pele

tray of mostly pokeys outside
cactus grp 2

another group of mainly cactus
cactus grp 1

Here is a featured mixed planting at the front of my home. This Aeonium, and others, do very well in my summers. This pot is in sun all afternoon. There is also sedum, a senecio and pachyveria in there.
aeonium mix

Here is a hanging sedum, doesn't look like much on its own, but does add a nice design element when putting together a mixed planting.
sedum hang

This "flapjack" got burned down to the roots last fall after an unexpected hard freeze. It is making a nice comeback.
crass luci

A hardy low growing sedum, outdoors all year, fresh green and yellow colors and thrives on neglect.
sedum 2

Cyphostemma juttae planted out. The leaves always look lopsided. No red berries left.
cypho jutt

One of my biggies, planted out in a submerged pot, Echinocactus. I doubt more than a handful of people have one this big in this part of the country!
cactus echino

One of my first succulents, grown from seed. Not particularly attractive - more like a keepsake. Will it ever bloom?

Cold hardy Yucca thompsoniana
yucca thomp

I didn't have a chance to plant out this Cyphostemma currori in the ground so it didn't make much progress in a pot.
cypho curr

Nice little Crassula, looks fine to me after loads of rain
crass jade

A newer acquisition, Ariocarpus retusus
cactus ario

Pseudolithos, loves all the heat and rain it can get

You don't see this one often - Pachypodium ambongense. Also loves heat and rain.
pachy ambo

I don't dare leave this one out in the rain - Copiapoa cinerea. After a few years now, it still seems to have maintained its waxy epidermis. I situate it right next to a greenhouse fan. Maximum dessication is the goal if I have any chance of keeping its character.
cactus copiapoa

Small Aloe melanacantha - I'm still a little hesitant to leave this one out in the rain.
aloe mel

This Cotyledon does fine out in all the rain, but when there is an extended period of cloudiness following rain, an unattractive black mold forms where the leaves meet the stem.
crass orb

Another little gem, Haworthia limifolia striata. I have a bunch of these, tissue cultured from Europe. They may be destined for eBay someday.
haworth striata

I am a fan of the small spined Rebutia heliosa
cactus rebutia

Common echeveria, enjoying the outdoors

This one has a nice growth pattern and fresh green color, a form of Euphorbia suzannae
euphorb green

Close up of a nice little Crassula (nudicaulis maybe? I forget). Prefers cool season growth but does well for me.
crass nudi

I put all my Lithops outside last weekend to take advantage of good soaking rains (remnants of Tropical Storm Lee). They are uber bloated now! More Lithops pics later.
mesemb lith 12

Othonna coming into growth. This one is protected from summer rains.

I am still pretty amazed I can maintain the coloration despite all the moisture. Cotyledon.
crass o

My smaller Aloe pillansii. You can see what all the rain does - it causes blotchy coloration, but mainly the older leaves are affected - I presume because the wax loses its integrity after a year.
aloe pill 2

The other Aloe pillansii. Potting mix is about 70-80% perlite. Even after a heavy rain, the pot doesn't hold much moisture.
aloe pill 1

Tray of mostly Lithops
mesemb lith grp

Tray of mostly mixed mesembs
mesemb mix

Adromischus are great for macro shots.
adro 1

Adromischus marianae herrei going strong, not exposed to summer rains.
adro herrei

Fenestraria, also protected from summer rain.
mesemb fenes

Lithops close-ups:
mesemb lith 11

mesemb lith 10

mesemb lith 9

mesemb lith 8

mesemb lith 7

mesemb lith 6

mesemb lith 5

mesemb lith 4

mesemb lith 3

mesemb lith 2

mesemb lith 1

Albuca spiralis coming into growth
albuca side

Close up, leaves aren't long enough yet to see the curlies
albuca top

Pleiospilos ready to mate
mesemb pleio

Avonia quinaria group, from seed
avonia quin

I also lost a decent sized Crassula undulatifolia last fall to a freeze, but I managed to salvage a bunch of stem tips that I used as cuttings.
crass undu

Euphorbia decaryi, looks like mini Palm trees
euphorb deca

Nice little Haworthia truncata
haworth trunc

Seedlings of Aztekium hintonii
cactus aztek hint

Monilaria just starting new growth
mesemb moni

A still have a few Muiria seedlings left! They are a couple seasons old now. Holy grail of mesembs, they say.
mesemb muiria

Gasteria also make for good macro subjects
gasteria 3

gasteria 2

gasteria 1

Aztekium ritteri, probably big enough to bloom soon
cactus aztek ritt

Blossfeldia from seed, looking plump after rain
cactus bloss

This aberrant Pachypodium lamerei seedling is developing nicely.
pachy crest

One of my faves, Euphorbia 'Snowflake'
euphorb snow

Mix of succulents growing outdoors
succulent mix

Dioscorea (from seed) stem and new growth
diosco stem

diosco leaves

Aloe dichotoma, definitely in active growth during the summer with rain
aloe dicho top

I placed the boulders as support prior to Hurricane Irene. How many Aloe dichotomas in the world have been through a Hurricane?
aloe dicho full

Aloe Hercules, outdoors
aloe herc

Aloe ferox, from seed. This Aloe is getting difficult to transport. The leaves are heavy.
aloe ferox

Aloe polyphylla, loving the rains
aloe poly

Aloe plicatilis, also kept outdoors all summer
aloe plica 2

aloe plica 1

Pachypodium namaquanum. If there are leaves, it stays outdoors unprotected. No leaves means no water. It started leafing out in late July.
pachy nama full

pachy nama top

That's it for succulents. Here are some random, non succulent photos.

Bottle Palm, Hyophorbe lagenicaulis in a pot. Stays compact and manageable.

Encephalartos horridus, putting forth a new flush of leaves. I hope I can find enough strong light this month. Yes, the leaves really are that blue.

I like the lime green color of new Dioon mejiae growth. This one is recovering from last fall's hard freeze that knocked down (but not out) many of my plants.

Bromeliad island. They share quarters with my succulents in the garage during winter.

Tillandsia dyeriana

Last, but not least, Macrozamia moorei looking great in a pot.


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