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RE: First Scotch Bonnets, what sauce recipes can I make? (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: largemouth on 04.25.2012 at 09:08 pm in Hot Pepper Forum

Rose, stop with the recipes! Be the hot sauce!!!!

Only YOU can decide what your hot sauce will taste like, look like, or how thick it will be. A little time will help. And perhaps it will not be this season. But it can be. Or next season, at the latest.

Started looking for recipes many years ago for hot sauce. Took one attempt to realize the recipe I was following could be tweaked to my liking. Since then, I have created 2 rules: Always make the ingrediants of my hot sauce the same color as the pepper I am using. And, always add a sweetener, also the same color as the pepper. Sweet balances heat. I also like to throw in some fruit of the same color. I also throw in a clove or 2 of garlic, no matter what the color of the pepper.

I now make 5 different color sauces, from white to black. For my black habaneros, I use balsamic vinegar for the much needed vinegar base. From there, I experiment. Molasses is my sweetener because it is black. Might scrape in some vanilla bean, also black. Or some blackberries. Used plums (a cheat), currents, and black cherries, too. EVERYTHING goes into a sauce pan for 7-10 minutes to heat up, EXCEPT for the sweetener. Medium heat. Let cool for a few minutes. Into the blender then with the seetener. Watch out opening that blender after mixing. A face full of pain if too close.

I put all that stuff in mason jars in the fridge for at least a month or 2. Filter after that as you feel appropriate. Some like it thicker, with a bit more organic ingrediants in the hot sauce. I do.

Let me know how this works out. I know you want to use your own peppers, but a good supermarket close by will provide all the chiles you need to hone your craft. Try growing some black and white habaneros, and by all means, a yellow chile called "Fatali". African, I believe. I grow 26 different kinds. They all taste different.

I am hounded by people at work for my sauces. Only the few get a small taste, and fewer get a bottle. If you can cook, you will have the sense to add and subtract according to your taste and instinct. Piece of cake!


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RE: First Scotch Bonnets, what sauce recipes can I make? (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: ottawapepper on 04.24.2012 at 10:43 pm in Hot Pepper Forum

Here's a sauce recipe I've posted before. Two Scotch Bonnets are perfect for this one:

Caribbean BBQ Sauce

2 (or more) scotch bonnet chilies (or whatever chili you like), fresh or dried
1 cup orange juice (also nice with pineapple)
1 cup honey
1/3 cup Soy or Worcestershire sauce (I prefer Soy)
1 TBS ginger
1/2 tsp allspice
2 cloves garlic
1 tsp dried thyme (1 TBS fresh)

Blend together well in a blender and then simmer in sauce pan for 5-10 minutes.
Let stand in fridge overnight for fullest flavour.


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RE: I need seeds! Anyone who can help?? (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: ottawapepper on 04.10.2012 at 07:01 pm in Hot Pepper Forum

Agree that The Hippy Seed Company is a great source.

Also, the following sites get very positive reviews:

In addition to avoiding ebay, I've seen more negative reviews for than good ones.


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