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Aloe hybrid growth goes bonkers

posted by: deep___roots on 09.06.2011 at 12:41 pm in Cacti & Succulents Forum

What is up with this growth?
This was a purchase from Orchard Supply Hardware (a CA chain).
For 15 bucks you got 4 succulents in a pot, usually 3 aloes and an agave.
I found the particular pot in the back under the bench. It had 3 hybrid aloes and an agave.
The individual plants were so large they barely fit in the pot.
I don't know how the pot got by quality control and to some the pot would not be appealing.
To me, it was a bargain due to the size of the plants.
This is just one of the aloes. I have separated and repotted.
Where it looks like the growth is literally that normal?
I see some browning but also lots of new green growth.
I will post pictures of all 4 plants that comprised the pot later.
Always check under the display benches.


reference for Aceria aloinis (aloe mite) ID
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