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RE: What should go within easy reach of the cooktop? (Follow-Up #13)

posted by: buehl on 12.08.2009 at 04:47 am in Kitchens Forum

This might also help...

  • Cabinet 1: 24" base, 3 drawers
  • Cabinet 2: 30" base, 2 drawers + Warming Drawer
  • Cabinet 3: 6" filler pullout w/3 shelves
  • Cabinet 4: 36" cooktop base, 3 drawers
  • Cabinet 5: 6" filler pullout w/3 shelves
  • Cabinet 6: 31" base, 1 drawer + Microwave Drawer
  • Cabinet 7: 36" corner sink base w/15-3/4" square sink
  • Cabinet 8: 24" base, 4 drawers
  • Cabinet 9: 27" base, 1 drawer + 2 roll out shelves (2 doors)
  • Cabinet 10: 18"W x 15"D x 36"H upper, 4 shelves
  • Cabinet 11: 21"W x 12"D x 30"H upper, 3 shelves
  • Cabinet 12: 18"W x 15"D x 36"H upper, 4 shelves
  • Cabinet 13: 18"W x 15"D x 36"H upper, 4 shelves
  • Cabinet 14: 21"W x 12"D x 30"H upper, 3 shelves
  • Cabinet 15: 18"W x 15"D x 36"H upper, 4 shelves
  • Cabinet 16: 36"W x 24"D over-the-refrigerator cabinet
  • Cabinet 17: 33" base, 3 drawers
  • Cabinet 18: 18" Trash Pullout + 1 drawer (2 bins)
  • Cabinet 19: 36" sink base w/35-1/2" sink
  • Cabinet 20: 24" DW
  • Cabinet 21: 27" base, 3 drawers
  • Cabinet 22: 31.5" double-oven cabinet, 1 drawer + cabinet above w/dividers for tray storage & 1 shelf
  • Cabinet 23: 23"W x 12"D x 36"H upper cabinet, 4 shelves
  • Cabinet 24: 23"W x 12"D x 36"H upper cabinet, 4 shelves
  • NOTES:

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    RE: Marble installation issue. This can't be right! (Follow-Up #6)

    posted by: oldryder on 11.30.2013 at 07:47 am in Kitchens Forum

    i AM A FABRICATOR. best would be to wait till next week and insist the fabricator return and complete the job. this is imperative if you have a loose seam. if it's just individual parts you could try to set them yourself as below.

    use ONLY 100% silicone caulk. products with even a little oil in them will eventually bleed oil thru the stone and leave a stain which shows on the top of the stone.

    yes, you got a deficient install.

    heres the best way to reset the pieces.

    1. get the pieces positioned so the overhangs are consistent.

    2. there is typically some variation in contact between the underside of the stone and the cabinet. some places will be resting solidly on the cabinets and there will be gaps in other places. shims should be pushed into areas with gaps every 6" or so. use thin strips of something (preferably non compressible) or wood shims if you have nothing better.

    3. buy "painters tape, which is brown and has adhesive along only one edge. (painters tape won't damage freshly finished cabinets) use this to tape the cabinets as close to the edge where the stone is as you can get it. perfect is having the edge of the tape go exactly along the edge of the wood. this can be very time consuming.

    4. use masking tape or better blue masking tape (which is much easier to remove) and tape the underside of the stone along the joint with the cabinetry. now you ar ready for caulking.

    5. next put a very thin bead of 100% silicone caulk in the joint between the cabinets and stone. Take anything with a 90 degree corner (a shim works good) and push along the caulk line with a corner of the shim to force the caulk into the crack. If you get big globs of caulk on the shim while doing this youj used too much caulk.

    6. remove the tape while the caulk is still wet. Careful because it's awkward and the tape has caulk on it so its easy to get caulk on the cabinetry. once the caulk sets in a few hours the tops will be secure.

    In a typical kitchen this activity will take 2 experienced people the better part of an hour including the splash.

    .... or you could do what a lot of shops do: squirt a bead of caulk along the stone/cabinet joint and then smear it in (and on to the stone and cabinet) with a wet finger. takes about 5 minutes but it does have the disadvantage of leaving big smears of silicone caulk on stone and cabinets.

    if your tops went in right before the holiday my guess is the installers skipped the caulking because they had a long day. shops like mine get very busy right before holidays and its easy to overload the installers in a poorly run shop.


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