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RE: Follow up to TWP #516 (second coat results) (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: john_hyatt on 09.05.2007 at 06:03 pm in Porches & Decks Forum

Hi Ya Sweet!!! Intersting give me a call sometime you probley will have to leave a message on the biz line but I get back pretty quick.

I do a build coat thing with twp stuff the first coat or for that matter the wet on wet thing wont last all that long with twp or most any other finish but the material is still in there usually I just clean and put the next one on. With a new project like yours I would do a light acid wash before the next coat.

Hey both those types of twp are working for me still. I say go for it with Ken's stuff!! I must be living in some kind of a bubble over here using twp but Im not about to stick a pin in it. J.


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RE: Follow up to TWP #516 (second coat results) (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: sweet11395 on 09.05.2007 at 12:37 pm in Porches & Decks Forum

well it been almost a year since the deck and planter had the TWP#516 applied and I am sad to say that it hasn't performed to my you recall the deck had one coat of TWP516 (only 24hrs before light rain) and lasted about 2 months before considerable fading...the hip wall planter was hand rubbed andwith wet on wet application and allowed to dry in the garage before attaching....this lasted a little longer but by mid summer this year had faded considerably :( Althought the TWP116 Jon uses may perform admirably I have to say my personal experience with the reformulated #516 is not up to the test...the deck is as if I had not ever applied any now I think its time to step up to the plate pressurepros! I'm gonna give your Woodxotic a go....I'll be placing an order this week and see if its results are any better....sorry Jon I tried the #516 and it just didnt't perform and I can't get #116 here in NJ :(

Look for my order apologies that I never got down to Philly and have a beer with you to talk chemistry and pulp science....maybe this fall when I start traveling down there on weekends.

I'll try and post pics when I get home tonight but they will look like a completely unfinished deck that has weathered a year:(


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RE: Garapa sealer selection (Follow-Up #7)

posted by: john_hyatt on 09.10.2007 at 06:31 am in Porches & Decks Forum

A mix of 2 parts twp dark oak,3 parts twp cedar tone natural makes a real nice golden brown color on garapa and of course the more color the more uv protection. John


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