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WWaD (What Would antss Do)

posted by: bishop8 on 06.18.2010 at 02:33 am in Appliances Forum

antss, I've been reading this forum for a little bit and your responses generally are pointed and straightforward (in a good way). Most everyone here post about their personal experience with specific products which is very helpful, but you generally post based on what you've used for clients (or at least that's what I recall reading). I'm curious as to what you have in your kitchen or, more importantly, what *would* you buy for your own kitchen. Not "money-no-object obscure $50,000 ranges from France", but readily accessible minstream/high-end products. Thanks.


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Have $3,600 to spend on double oven. Help me choose

posted by: jenmenke on 07.09.2010 at 01:05 pm in Appliances Forum

Hi all,

Got hit by lightning a few weeks ago and it took out our lower oven. Parts are no longer available, so I have to replace. It was a 14 year old Jenn Air 27" double oven. I've been researching here online and was looking at Electrolux. Don't want to spend more than what we will be reimbursed for ($3600) but want to get it as close to that as I can.

Anything else I should be considering, or should I just pull the trigger on the 27" Electrolux?

thanks guys!


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my long fagor induction review (ifa 90 bf)

posted by: fencesitter on 06.14.2010 at 03:02 am in Appliances Forum

First, apologies if this is a duplicate, it didn't seem to post from a different browser.

I'm not really a regular here on GW, I just come and go depending on what I'm planning on doing to my house at the time, however, it was this forum that turned me on to induction cooktops, so here's the longwinded feedback on the induction cooktop I eventually got.

Everybody's requirements are different, so let me point out what my constraints were- I was replacing an existing 36" electric flat top cooktop that was pretty poor. I assume it was a regular coil element underneath a ceramic top, so it was slow to heat and even slower to cool down. I guess that was pretty much the only thing wrong with it, but after living with that in our new (as they say in the automotive biz, "pre-owned") house for half a year, that was a good enough reason.

I chose the Fagor 36" induction cooktop for a number of reasons:

  • Thinness: There were drawers under our old cooktop that I didn't want to lose. The Fagor was the thinnest and had very little clearance requirements under it.

  • Price- It was relatively cheap and I was able to rationalize why not to get the cheaper units.

  • Power- This was actually a big deal. Though the Fagor does not have a lot of power, it also does not draw that much power. This was one of the few/only 36" induction ranges that only required a 40 amp supply. Though my old cooktop had only a 30 amp feeding it, the oven (which I also replaced) had a 40amp supply going to the same junction box. Since I put in a 30amp oven, I was able to swap lines and get 40 amps for the cooktop without having to run new wires.

  • Presets- Though it only has 12 power levels, it did have three preset buttons to get power levels 6, 10 and 12. Yeah, you could easily hit the buttons up or down the right number of times, but this is convenient.

  • Bonus- Hey, it comes with a free set of pots. Well, I lost the receipt so didn't get around to picking up the pots. I did find the receipt a year later and the dealer is seeing what he can do about getting me something.

  • Dealer- I could have mail ordered it, but I was able to find a local dealer. Yeah, I paid more because of local tax, but I figured it would be easier to have any issues dealt with if I could stand in someone's showroom complaining loudly. As it was, I didn't have any issues.

So, after owning this thing for almost a year, how do I like it?

First, since everyone seemed to be asking before, yes, this thing hums. How loud? Well, that's very hard to quantify and it also depends on the pot. I've got the Emeril pots with the sandwiched bottoms- cheap stuff made in China for All Clad and the lids even rattle on some, making it louder. My previous Calphalon stainless was nicer, but unfortunately, all Calphalon's stuff seems to be non-magnetic. I may have posted before about the noise- maybe a bit louder than my Bosch 500 series (SHE-55) dishwasher which claims to be 48dB.

As it was, all my old pots had warped bottoms (stainless, cast iron, okay, not my Le Creuset), so new stuff was in order anyway.

The center burner claims a 3600W maximum, but most of my pots don't cover the full size of the hob. I'm not sure if there's a double element under the thing since there's an outline for two different pot sizes. Anyway, power does seem to be a bit weak- it does take longer to get a skillet to really sizzle than the (1950's? Wedgewood) gas range at my previous house. But it is still so much better than what was here previously, especially given the response time turning the thing both on and off.

One thing I noticed about the Fagor was there seems to be a hot spot. Rather, there's a ring where the induction seems strongest. Note that with better cookware that spreads the heat better, this is less of an issue. I'm not sure if this is just an issue with my Fagor or if it's common to most induction hobs. My guess is the latter, given how the coils in an induction hob are probably pretty much all the same.
Looking at the picture, it seems more that it's a cool spot in the center and around the edges with a decent size ring/band of heat.

Power use- I barely use three hobs at once, so power sharing really isn't an issue. Power sharing is in a vertical line- on the right side hobs and the left side hobs. The center doesn't share. When one hob is at the max,12, the twin can only go to 6. Rather, if you've got one at the max, if you start to adjust the twin and bring that up to the max, the first gets lowered to 6. But it's not linear- you can have power level pairings of 10 and 11, which I guess means that 12 is really a big boost.

Power levels- the European Fagor units have half levels, as do units from other manufacturers. There is a rare instance where I think, "I need a 7.5 power level," but I'm not that great of a cook anyway. I think I'd prefer the fewer steps I have instead of the finer granularity which would require pressing the buttons twice as much (if it's not on a preset).

Each group of hobs has a separate set of fans running them since they're pretty well split into separate modules. But this also means that if you're running two different modules, the fans are 3dB louder. Some cooktops say that the fans come on demand. No, these come on as soon as you turn on the power to the bank and don't turn off for five second to five minutes after you turn it off, depending on how hot the unit is.

There are no buzzers, but if I leave something on the controls, LEDs on the controls blink and the fans run. The fans are discretely loud enough themselves (but not obtrusively so) that I'll usually notice and realize there's something wrong, see the blinking LEDs and pull whatever it is off the controls. I don't know what would happen if I didn't notice.

That said, the specs about the safety features from The Induction Site are a little wrong. The Fagor site does not claim any childproof lockout nor residual heat indicator like The Induction Site does. Also, the Fagor site is more specific about the safety features- overflow detection shuts off power only if there's something spilled onto the controls and the overheating detector kicks in at 575F. But it only has five bullet points for the "7-Point Safety System."

The capacitive controls are pretty robust. Sometimes I'll get a thin layer of water or something else on the controls and they'll stop working (I forget if the hob shut itself down), but just a squeegee with the side of my finger across all the buttons gets it clean enough to start working again.

One quirk about the button layout is that there is a separate power button for each hob instead of a master power button. Not a big deal, but for those who like the single button to power things off when running to grab the phone, this may be an issue.

I was wondering if there were secret key sequences to readjust the presets since the European Fagor induction cooktops seem to have adjustable presets, but I didn't find anything easy to set in ten minutes of trying.

What else did I look at and reject? Well, it's been a while, but when I looked at the Electrolux non-hybrid units at Sears, I looked at the white cooktop since it would have matched better, but the problem was that the LED windows were not a good, flush fit, and the black of those windows was just a bit too distracting on the white background. Maybe I could have gone with the black instead. GE? I guess there weren't many problems besides the clearance issues, which may or may not be that big of a deal. Another clearance issue I had with either the GE or Electrolux or both, was that there actually wasn't enough counter in the front, according to the mounting specifications, but I'm sure there was enough margin of error added that it really would not have been a problem.

If I were to do this all over again, I might have actually looked into fitting a 30" unit into the space since I didn't actually go into the fit issues- the Fagor was wider but shorter than the hole the old cooktop left, so I had to both cut it out and find a way to shim the back and support it. With other 30" units, I might have just needed to find a way to shim and support the side(s), though adding 4" vs. 1" might not be worth it, but almost any 30" unit would be able to use the 40 amp supply.

All in all, I'm pretty satisfied with my induction unit. It didn't require me to add additional wiring or be careful about not running at maximum capacity, it mostly fit, and it's convenient enough to use, but there are a few times where I'd think that a good gas cooktop would be hotter or would be nicer to use a wok on, but I do like how cool induction runs, especially with two children poking their heads over the counter.

Don't fall for that, "induction means the cooktop doesn't get hot," line. The surface is ceramic. That means that it transfers heat slowly, but it also doesn't conduct away whatever heat it gets, so it stays hot. No, it probably won't get as hot as a radiant surface (I measured my old one at over 750 degrees), but if you're cooking for a while, it can get as hot as the pot above it and stay that way for a good time after you remove the pot. Not that bad if you're boiling water, but it'll get pretty hot if you're deep frying.


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Which 30' induction cooktop?

posted by: doofina on 03.06.2010 at 08:33 pm in Appliances Forum

Ok all you induction inductees, I need your help trying to pick an induction cooktop for my new kitchen remodel. I've been agonizing over which brand to use and I've narrowed them down to Miele or GE Monogram. I would have gone with Diva but I understand they recently went bankrupt so I'm quite nervous to purchase something from a company that no longer exists. I also considered Theramdor just for looks but the price is high and I've read that Thermadors in general tend to be "maintenance hogs". There are very few reviews of Miele induction cooktops but I've read more than 10 positive reviews for the GE (ie 4 out of 5 stars). I'm planning to do 30" induction alongside 15" Wolf 2 burner gas. I'm eager to try induction but I'm a reluctant to give up gas. Thanks for any advice.


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Bamboo kitchens

posted by: psfw on 12.02.2010 at 10:49 am in Kitchens Forum

Hey Guys, Thanks for all the posts on pictures of wood kitchens. Yes, I am still pondering which wood to use. I think I have narrowed it down to stained maple, to get the clean look and color I would like. Cabinets need to go with our brazilian cherry flooring. But...I still keep thinking of bamboo! My Cabinet maker just delivered samples, but they are very small. If there is anyone out there with Bamboo, please post pics. Happy Holidays to you all!



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What's your definition of 'Custom Cabinets'?

posted by: dar5 on 12.05.2010 at 12:34 pm in Kitchens Forum

What's your definition of "Custom Cabinets"?

I realize the scope of custom cabinets will vary greatly with price. I should have asked my GC this question several months ago (but I'm new to GW) and I falsely assumed "custom cabinets" meant more than custom size and stain.

Our contract states "custom cabinets." Before signing the contract, my husband and I visited a recently completed kitchen by our GC and met with his client alone. The kitchen was gorgeous with all the extras, pull-outs, drawer organizers, etc.

Now that we are in a "disagreement" about the inferior drawer slides (three are already broken and the cabinets installation is not yet completed), and drawers (not dovetail) are screwed on sides which shows when you open them, our GC tells us on Friday that our cabinets are "STANDARD Custom Cabinets."

We are upgrading to Blum slides(based on what I've read on GW), but, it will be an upgrade which costs us $50 per drawer and there will be screw holes on the bottom where the old slides are removed.

Our GC knew we were detailed customers, especially after we went back and forth on the materials to be used for the cabinet boxes and shelves. When asked why we weren't given any options for slides or drawers before they were constructed, our GC said he never discusses those kinds of details with his clients. (wrong answer?)

Thanks in advance for your comments...


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pictures of hutch cabinets?

posted by: vtlakehouse on 11.24.2010 at 11:48 am in Kitchens Forum

Does anyone have pictures of hutch/pantry units to share? I have a wall across from my breakfast nook that I am trying to fill with a furniture-like piece comprised of a tall pantry unit on each end with a center section with counter space to use as an additional serving area. This full unit will have crown molding and furniture-like accents.

So far, it looks more like a wall of doors than a piece of furniture. Any thoughts or ideas that have worked well for you for both the function and look of a hutch unit like this?


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RE: How to keep track of kitchen threads? (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: buehl on 11.21.2010 at 01:35 am in Kitchens Forum

Saving threads so you can find them later or so you have them (and associated pictures) "forever"......

So you have a thread you want to save "forever" for later reference or that you just want to follow. What can you do? GardenWeb does not have a "Follow" function, so you cannot do it that way. You could "bookmark" the thread in your "favorites" or "bookmarks" on your local machine. You could "clip" a post in the thread so you can get back to the whole thread. You could also search Kitchens (using the search box on the bottom of the Kitchens home page that has the list of threads) or by using Google or similar search engine.

Each of these has their strengths & weaknesses.

Bookmarking a thread: You can bookmark the thread in your "favorites" or "bookmarks" folder on your local machine. However, if there's a picture in the thread you saved that's later deleted or moved by the person posting the picture, you will no longer see the picture when you bring up the thread using your bookmark. This is b/c the bookmark brings up the thread updated to the the moment you used the bookmark..."right now". Additionally, if the thread disappears, you will no longer be able to access it. If this happens, you will get a "Missing File" page when you try to access the thread.

Clipping a post: You'll notice that each post within a thread has the option to "clip this post". By clicking on this option, the post is clipped and saved to your "My Clippings" (access it via: username) It clips the post (and only that post) from the thread. When you later look at it in your clippings, you can click on the post's subject and it will take you back to the entire thread, assuming it's still available. You are limited to 50 clipped posts. Once you reach the maximum of 50, you will no longer be allowed to clip another post (or email it) until you delete at least one clipping. Another downside is that like bookmarking, if someone deletes a picture that's in the clipped post, you will lose that picture b/c when you access the clipping it's as of "right now". Ditto if you click on the post's subject to get to the thread...the picture will be gone there as well. [When clipping a post, keep in mind that only a single post within a thread is saved...the post where you click the "clip this post" link.] In addition, if the thread goes missing, you will not be able to access the entire thread. The clipped post will remain, but when you click on the post's subject, you will get the "Missing File" page.

Searching Kitchens: This works so-so b/c GardenWeb has a rather primitive search function. However, even that becomes useless once a thread drops off page 67 of the Kitchen Forum's thread list. Again, the thread is accessed in it's current state, so if a picture has been deleted, it will be deleted in the retrieved thread. In addition, if the thread goes missing, it will not be found via a search on the Forum.

Google search: Again, it's so-so b/c it's a basic search, not Forum-type functions like, for example, by thread author. However, you can often find threads that are "lost" to a GardenWeb search. (If you use this, include "" as part of the search criteria. It will limit results to pages/threads at GardenWeb.) And again, the thread is accessed in it's current state, so if a picture has been deleted, it will be deleted in the retrieved thread. Like the above options, if the thread goes missing, you will not find it via a Google search.

Saving thread to local machine: This will save the entire thread as it is at the time it was saved; i.e., it's a "snapshot" of the thread at the time you saved it. So, even if someone later deletes their picture online, you will still have it on your machine in the saved thread. However, if others post to the thread after you've saved it, those updates are not reflected in your saved version b/c that saved version is a snapshot of a previous time. You can re-save it again later...but be careful, if one or more of the pictures are gone, you don't want to save on top of the old thread b/c it will overwrite it and you will lose the pictures you previously save it with a new name (maybe w/a version #). Additionally, if the thread goes missing, you will still have it on your machine.

An example of a missing thread: (Subject: forestfire..please help me with my lists)

[BTW...if you have this file saved on your computer, could you please let me know by emailing me via "My Page" Thanks!]

So, how do you do each of the above?

To clip a post

  1. Click the "click this post" item on the "clippings" section of the post.

    You will find this section in the upper right corner of each post. It also includes "email this post", "what is this?", and "see most clipped and recent clippings".

  2. The post to be clipped will be displayed by itself on a page with the option to add notes at the bottom of the page. Add any notes you wish to remind yourself why clipped it or any other note.

  3. Once you've added your notes (if desired), choose one of the radio buttons "public" or "private" to make the clipping public for everyone to see or private so only you can see it. Default is "public".

  4. Finally, click the "Save to my clippings" button to save the clipping. It will be added to the end of your clippings list.

  5. Note there is also a "cancel" button, click this button instead of the "save" button if you wish to cancel saving the clipping.

  6. When viewing your clippings, you can view them in any of the following sort orders: "Last Updated", "Post Date", "Post Title", or "Forum Name". "Post date" is the default.

To bookmark a thread


  1. Click the "Bookmarks" menu item and a menu will appear

  2. Click the "Bookmark This Page" option on the menu. You will be prompted to specify where to put the bookmark. You can create a new folder, save it to an existing folder, or save it in the default location..."Bookmarks Menu". You can update the "Name" if you wish to.

Internet Explorer 7.0 and earlier:

  1. Click the "Favorites" menu item and a menu will appear

  2. Click the "Add to Favorites..." option on the menu. You will be prompted to specify where to put the bookmark. You can create a new folder, save it to an existing folder, or save it in the default location..."Favorites". You can update the "Name" if you wish to.

To save a thread to your machine/computer in html format


  1. Click the "File" menu item and a menu will appear

  2. Click the "Save Page As..." option on the menu. You will be prompted to specify where to put the saved page. This works the same as saving a file in any other product such as Word, Excel, etc.

Internet Explorer 7.0 and earlier:

  1. Click the "File" menu item and a menu will appear

  2. Click the "Save As..." option on the menu. You will be prompted to specify a location to put the saved page. This works the same as saving a file in any other product such as Word, Excel, etc.

To save a thread to your machine/computer in Word or other word processing format

Any browser:

  1. Open up a new, blank document in MS Word or whatever your word processing application is.

  2. Copy (usually [Ctrl-C]) the thread. I usually select & copy everything from the title of the original post to the bottom of the last post...this prevents you from copying the page headers & footers. To select only what you want, click & drag your mouse or click on the beginning, scroll to the end, and do a [shift] + Click. (To select all, use [Ctrl-A])

  3. If you want, you can edit the thread in your word processing application.

  4. Save it as you would any other document.

+++++++++++++'re probably not receiving emails of follow-up postings, even though you checked the box requesting them. This is b/c you don't have the email option turned on in your profile. See the "Read Me" thread for more information. Scroll down to the post with the subject "Getting Emails Sent To You...3-step Process".

Here is a link that might be useful: Read Me If You're New To GW Kitchens!


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Help deciding for or against getting a speed oven!

posted by: mwrede on 09.18.2010 at 07:00 pm in Appliances Forum

I am so sorry I know this has been discussed before. I had finally come to the decision to go with a rangetop and double ovens when I came across the concept of the speed oven. I am intrigued by the concept of having a speed oven + a regular oven but I am not sure if it's for us and if it's worth the additional cost. It would solve the issue of the extra microwave as we don't have any good above counter spot to put it (I really don't want it below counter).

I usually use the second oven about once a week to make side dishes that need a different temperature than what's cooking in the main oven. We've been using the microwave for defrosting mostly and occasional reheating or making popcorn. There's just the two of us with a baby on the way and I plan to be home with the baby.

I know some here have the speed oven and love it and I am sure some have considered it and decided against getting one. Could you share your thoughts with me? Is there a learning curve in terms of learning to cook with it? Other than the smaller cavity can you use it as a regular oven or only as a speed oven?

I am looking at the Electrolux Icon and the Advantium as the Miele is out of our price range - leaning toward the Electrolux as I was planning to use the Electrolux Icon double ovens (not really finding much info on any other speed ovens i.e. the Jenn air).

None of the stores around here have any of the icon appliances on the floor to see including the speed oven (just the regular Electrolux ovens) so I'd have to buy it sight unseen. I have seen the Advantium and was wondering if the interior oven dimensions are comparable to the Electrolux.

I would really appreciate any input. I am so afraid of making the wrong decisions but I know I have to pick something asap. We really need to get the kitchen started so it's done before the baby comes in Dec. I am also still trying to finalize our rangetop pick and find a hood but I'll try to post those questions separately.

Thanks in advance!


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Pros and Cons of Angled Plugmold?

posted by: essexgirl164 on 09.03.2010 at 02:33 pm in Appliances Forum

Without doing any research, it's seems to me to be a great idea, having a backsplash uninterupted by electical sockets. I would value other peoples' opinions.


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Virginia Black Honed Granite... Your Pics? None on FKB.

posted by: dmwbcc on 11.18.2010 at 10:21 am in Kitchens Forum

Oh my.... I've loved alot of slabs lately... This coming from a gal that a YEAR ago said "I am NOT a fan of granite for the most part." I finally went and walked a yard and found so much beauty in them that you can't find in a 12x12 tile at a big box store. SO, now I am a stone lovah! :)

Well, my most recent love was the most beautiful slab of Virginia Black, honed. It felt like cool leather, was gorgeous and it must be mine.... So, of course, I thought I'd come here and ask my fellow GW'ers about it.

Anyone have pics of theirs?

Honed granite.... thoughts? I feel like the extra upkeep, if any, is MORE than fine with me for the look.

Thanks all!



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miele - refrigerator kf1911vi

posted by: ccc123 on 10.25.2008 at 02:11 pm in Appliances Forum

We just looked at the new Miele KF1911Vi refrigerator. Freezer on bottom. 36" wide. Left hinged.

If you have one of the new Miele refrigerators, any model, I'd love to hear what you think of them. Pro & cons? Thanks!

Originally we were going to go with the Sub Zero 736 refrigerator; two freezer drawers on bottom.

The Miele rep says that their fridge doesn't require any regular maintenance from the homeowner. But Sub Zero requires the owner to vaccuum the coils every 6 months or the warranty will be voided.

Also Miele says that all of their appliances are energy star rated. And that the Sub Zero is not.

Other appliances we're considering are: Miele Excella dishwasher; Miele KM5676 36" electric cooktop; Miele 4840 laundry & electric dryer; Gaggenau ovens. We're hopefully getting solar that's why everything is electric.

Miele's dependable customer service & build quality sound good. On GW, I've read mixed reviews about Sub Zero.

Between the Miele fridge & the Sub Zero fridge, which would you choose?!



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RE: appliance prices in Canada - does anyone purchase in US? (Follow-Up #21)

posted by: crafterbeth on 11.17.2010 at 05:59 pm in Appliances Forum

I Carol, I'm on the other coast and crossing over in Maine. We live close to a border town and this is a big business here. There are several business owners across the border than allow packages to be shipped to you c/o of them....we simply use their address and go pick up parcels for a fee....and pay the HST when we cross back,,,,same tax we would have paid at home anyway

I'm not sure if UPS would do that but I cant see why not.....I always check with the local border crossing for particulars if I am bringing across something I have never imported before (ie duty, regulations)...

You must have your receipt with you, a lot of companies don't put the actual copy in the parcel, as well the parcel must be opened before you bring it across otherwise you cannot say for sure what is in the box and they dont like that!LOL

Good luck!


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Dacor Vs Thermador Vs Other Brands Packages

posted by: dsesis on 01.16.2010 at 08:26 am in Appliances Forum

Hi All,
I have been researching many of the higher end appliances for a new home. I was on Dacor's and Thermador's website, and both of them are running great specials right now on appliance packages that include free hoods and dishwashers and more.

I am not seeing any consistent good reviews for either of these brands, maybe a few more positives than negatives for Thermador.

Does anybody have any other ideas in looking at a package deal that we could take advantage of. I'm sure this is not the best situation to have all the same manufacturer, but the savings does help us now. KitchenAid would be a choice only if reviews were better than higher end brands.

I have been looking at Wolf and Miele as well.

Your advice is greatly appreciated!


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Induction Cookware

posted by: shar18 on 02.11.2010 at 09:46 pm in Appliances Forum

Thanks to everyone for all the valuable advise. Getting ready to put the final decision on the Miele induction cooktop, but last minute hesitation at the Williams Sonoma store today, where they said that the Copper Core All Clad does not work on induction. Any experienced thoughts on that? What stockpots can be used, since that is one not usable from All Clad.

Going to an NBA all star event this weekend at Cantoni, that will have reps from Miele, Gaggenau, Bosch and Thermador....Very anxious to pick their brains on steam ovens and induction vs. gas.


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Downdraft required for my kitchen- is Jenn Air my only choice?

posted by: dirtslinger2 on 12.05.2009 at 11:10 pm in Appliances Forum

From searching here, I see few people like the Jenn Air downdraft vent system. I'm gathering electric being better than gas, and I am going electric.

Sadly- I have the most amazing view out a window above my oven/cooktop slide-in... A hood is too much compromise!

Jenn Air seem VERY expensive. Just wondering if there is anything else out there that may do the trick for me?? A few google searches have come up with ZIP...



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GE Advantium vs Elux ICON Speed Oven

posted by: sophie0621 on 11.05.2010 at 11:15 pm in Appliances Forum

Thought I had decided on Elux ICON ovens months ago but held off ordering until now and I'm waivering again. Plan is currently to install the Elux ICON Pro speed oven over a 30" convection oven from the same line. My biggest hesitation is the cavity/turntable size of the speed oven. Our other option right now is the GE Advantium, which has a 16" turntable vs. 13" in the ICON. The Miele also looks bigger but that's a budget breaker for us. The speed oven will need to serve as our second oven for holiday meals so I'm really having second thoughts about the ICON since it doesn't look like it will accomodate a full 9x13 pan. I also looked a little closer at the heating elements and see that the ICON has a "convection air opening" on the top but no broiler element. We do much more cooking (roasting, grilling, broiling, etc.) than baking so that is more of a prioriy. Does anyone have any experience with the Advantium and regular GE electric convection oven? Reliability is also a concern if anyone has any input on that.


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Miele MasterChef Baking Pros - Help Please

posted by: massgirl on 11.13.2010 at 09:10 am in Appliances Forum

I just started baking breads - challah - which I've read on this forum the oven does so nicely. Using the recipe proven successful in class, I have noticed that when I bake at home, the loaves, either braided or in bread pans, come out drifting to one side. (Both rising higher on the right.) I bake on convection bake mode, as I've read here is the primary Miele oven setting to use.

Since I know the recipe is tested and proven, do you think there is something wrong with the oven? Does anyone bake bread using another non-convection mode? Or do you think perhaps it's just my "at home" technique that needs tweaking. I have had some drifting on layer cakes in the past too. Ideas anyone????
Thanks so much


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RE: Countertops! Can't make up my mind! (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: akchicago on 11.02.2010 at 11:59 am in Kitchens Forum

Marti8a - there is a big error in your logic (sorry, I mean that in the best way). You are assuming that all granites are the same. There are thousands of granites out there, and they have varying degrees of stain and etch resistance. Typically, the granites that have a lot of movement are more stain resistant, and the granites that are darker are more stain-resistant. Though that's not a hard and fast rule. And there are even some granites that appear to be stain proof. I have a granite called "Piracema" or "Wave". I've had it for 5 years, and have done all kinds of things to it, and spilled everything on it. It looks like the day it was installed. It was sealed when it was installed, but I have never resealed it, because it doesn't need it. It is so carefree, I cannot imagine having anything else as easy, and at the same time as beautiful. I mean, I absolutely love the marble counters I see on this Forum, OMG they're beautiful, but I couldn't live with the etching of marble. Nor could I live with the scratches and fingerprints of stainless. Nor the chipping of soapstone (though I love how they look and how they feel). I am also a "natural stone" person, so my personal taste is not for the manmade counters. Again, I am back at granite, and all the wonderful choices they come in.

There is a statistic for granite called an "absorption rate". That tells how dense the stone is. The lower the absorption rate, the more resistant to stains. I will link a list of granite names that show the absorption rates (the link is names A-L, and at the top of the page you can click for names M-Z). To use some examples, my Piracema granite has an absorption rate of .1-.3% which is low, but there are lower. The Venetian Gold your friend has is .25%-.3%, and a more absorptive stone (i.e. stain-prone) is Imperial White at .2-.4%. Furthermore, if you go to a granite yard, see a stone you like, but can't find the name on this list, just bring home a sample, and pour wine and mustard on it and see how it does.

Your idea that spilling something on a granite counter means having to replace all the granite is terribly exaggerated. Go to a stone yard, and see all the beautiful granites available, and you may decide it's for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Granite Lists with Absorption Rates


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RE: Induction Recommendations Please:) (Follow-Up #11)

posted by: sandbox5 on 08.21.2010 at 08:55 am in Appliances Forum


I ordered the Thermador after much research. It seemed much more intuitive than the others.

I swiped Greg's description from another post of the details:

I have just bought the new Thermador 5 burner induction unit with all the bells and whistles. It is the most powerful unit on the market and has a center burner capable of having a 4,600 watt output, which about 1,000 more watts than any other cooktop.

Largest (13") and most powerful (4600W) round heating element on the market
Sensor Dome� - retractable sensor meaures the heat of the pot and keeps the temperature consistent
CookSmart� - 9 pre-programmed cooking modes
Speed Heating - Induction cooktops heat 50% faster than traditional gas cooktops
Industry exclusive triple zone - accomodates multiple size pans with 3 diameter sizes
PowerBoost� allows the maximum power level to be exceeded in the shortest period of time

Two Timers - Auto Shut Off Timer available for all elements enables user to set desired cooking times. Separate kitchen timer also available.
Keep Warm function allows meals to remain ready to serve


Pan Recognition - Element will not turn on if other small objects are placed on the cooking zone
Anti-Overflow System - exclusive feature prevents spills by automatically shutting off and sounding alarm when liquids are detected on surface
2-step digital control panel indicates when elements are hot or very hot
Child safety lock

There are less expensive induction units that are also good such as Miele. But the price differential isn't huge.


HTH in taking a look. I haven't used it except on the showroom floor.

Keep us posted.


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Does a reasonably quiet refrigerator exist?

posted by: tima9209 on 10.24.2008 at 12:06 am in Appliances Forum

I've had a new Samsung RF267 refrigerator for about three weeks now, and I would describe its noise signature as follows:

1. The compressor sounds like a bad fluorescent ballast audible at least 50 feet away.

2. There are random creaks, ticks, and pops audible 80 feet away around a corner and through a hallway into a bedroom (office).

3, Up close, the fan makes an oscillating hum, and the circulating refrigerant sounds like a box of crickets.

This is actually worse than the LG SxS I returned due to the incessant, high-pitched, oscillating overtone it produced whenever its compressor was running. My old Kitchenaid was nowhere near as obnoxious as these two expensive Korean monsters. I took a chance on the Samsung after reading comments from people saying "they can't hear the refrigerator." My conclusion is that they aren't very sophisticated in assessing noise levels; perhaps their ambient noise level is very high (kids, traffic, whatnot), the fridge truly is off when they listen to it, maybe just the fan is running, or they're hearing-impaired. Or maybe they're just sales reps doing some astroturfing, as I heard the same story from salespeople at Lowe's and Best Buy. Reading user reviews of the CR recommended refrigerators, most everyone that actually buys one hates it.

So what's a person to do? Continue playing musical refrigerators in hopes of finding one that isn't a modern piece of noisy, unreliable (but pretty!) junk? Feeling very frustrated, and looking for advice.


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Induction Users - Burner Sizes?

posted by: plumorchard on 10.08.2010 at 08:40 am in Appliances Forum

Do you consider the 11" burner size a "must" have on induction cooktops?

Some models have it/some don't -


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RE: Best in Each Class (Follow-Up #17)

posted by: rococogurl on 10.28.2009 at 09:23 pm in Appliances Forum

Let's get back to the game please and focus on quality because the topic is "Best in Each Class".

I must say that good food and appliances have nothing to do with each other. The best cook I ever knew lived in a tiny house in Provence and cooked on what would here be considered a primitive stove and often grilled in his wood-burning fireplace which -- I can tell you from experience -- takes considerable cooking skill to use.

If you ask me what I'd go for if I could have anything....

Range - 1. Caumartin, 2. Brittania (Nina Campbell Deauville)

Refrigerator - 1. Miele, 2. Liebherr 3. Gaggenau

Speed/Combo Oven: 1. Gaggenau

Wall ovens - 1. Miele, 2. Turbochef 3. Wolf

Induction Cooktop - Diva

Dishwasher - Miele

Hood - Probably Elica or custom

Fridge/Freezer drawers: SZ

Wine Refrigerator: SZ

Washer/Dryer - 1. Miele 2 Asko

In addition I would have a built-in 2 sided (indoor outdoor access) wood-burning beehive oven.

No one has mentioned an outdoor kitchen but one also could go there.


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RE: Best in Each Class (Follow-Up #9)

posted by: guadalupe on 10.27.2009 at 09:40 am in Appliances Forum

ref- depends on size requirements - Personal choice would be separate units 36" all fridge 27" all fz sub -zero 700 series
fuly integrated - If one unit 36" bottom fz Miele -Liebherr - Sub zero If side by side 42/48 Sub no dispenser kitchenaid with dispenser

Wall oven - Miele

rangetop - Gas BlueStar

cooktop - Electric Fagor induction Gas Viking

Dishwasher - Miele

Microwave - Sharp draw (Incl Dacor Viking Wolf for cosmetics)

Hood - Depends on Look performance anything Prestige consider Elica and Rangecraft

Range - Gas BlueStar Dual Fuel DCS

Under counter beverage - Perlick by far

Washer/Dryer - New Bosch - Samsung -Miele


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RE: Best in Each Class (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: trevorlawson on 10.26.2009 at 05:54 pm in Appliances Forum

Hood...........Bluestar / Prestige
Fancy coffee...Miele
In wall Coffee.Brew Express
Washer Dryer...Miele
Wine / Bev.....U-Line / Liebherr
Wall Oven Gas..Bluestar
Wall Oven Elec.Miele
Induction...... Diva / Fagor

All of the above cause me less pain after the sale and seem to offer better customer satisfaction than others we offer.

Less pain after the sale and satisfied customers for me means more happy customers.


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Help. What ventilation for island induction cooktop.

posted by: chrispmoto on 07.03.2007 at 06:51 pm in Appliances Forum

We were wanting to go with the "pop up" kind of ventilation to go with the Electrolux induction. I emailed them, and they said their "pop up" was not compatible with their cooktop(???).
We dont do a lot of frying(we barbacue often), so grease isnt that much of an issue that I know of, we will have a short, straight, run to vent outside with the down draft type, and dont really want an obtrusive hood in our newly opened kitchen. I could live with a smaller hood, like the Miele one with glass. We are also only a small family(3).
How much cfm will I need to properly vent the induction cooktop?
Any other suggestions?


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Tomato Trellis

posted by: tallclover on 06.04.2010 at 10:42 am in Northwestern Gardening Forum

In planting way too many tomatoes, I've found that trellising works much better than cages or stakes. Makes for easy picking, culivation and watering. Thought I'd share some pics of mine from last summer.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to Make a Tomato Trellis - Photos


good idea - could plant on both sides
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RE: Drawing layout program (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: jdougjo on 05.15.2010 at 08:51 pm in Kitchens Forum

Google Sketchup is free. Helps to listen to a few of the online tutorials to get started. I used it to help with my design. Here's what I came up with.
From Kitchen


drawing program
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RE: Blues In The Night - Anyone have pictures of it installed (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: nhbaskets on 05.16.2010 at 10:10 am in Kitchens Forum

We had Blue in the Night installed last spring. Absolutely love it. Ours is antiqued rather than polished. I think it goes better with our low sheen cabinets. From a distance, it appears black, but when you are on top of it or when the sun hits, the blue specs just sparkle.

Finished kitchen

Blue in the Night antiqued granite


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