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RE: What were priorities in your kitchen layout? (Follow-Up #12)

posted by: defrost49 on 07.02.2008 at 08:15 am in Kitchens Forum

One wall of our kitchenn is devoted to an antique wood cookstove plus doorways (laundry, garage,entry). The original floorplan of this old farmhouse had a large "highway" from garage to dining room creating what I considered a useless wall. My husband wanted to eat in front of the windows which was walkway area. Fortunately KD suggested we incorporate more space from the farmers porch creating a dining alcove with a wall of windows. Two banks of lower cabinets separate it from the kitchen. Now the "highway" became part of the usable kitchen. Those cabinets are extra dishes on the DR side and extra canned goods on the other side.
I did NOT want the microwave over the stove. It is to the left of the stove where a lower cabinet would be. There was just enough space in the wall cavity for the extra depth needed. (DH is professional builder/electrician) The high cabinets over microwave and stove store cereals, crackers, pancake mix. To right of stove is absolutely required spice cabinet. The plexiglass shelves on door hold most frequently used spices/herbs. LOVE it! The next cabinet is unusual in that it is ceiling to counter with drawers behind doors. It's last cabinet next to DR door. The top part holds dishes. Bottom, casserole dishes.
Island was also DH's request. Opposite stove is pullout drawers behind doors for pots/pans etc. Corner devoted to 2 bar stools (we're empty nesters). Side opposite sink and frig has large pull out for baking supplies. With electric outlet this provides a great baking center convenient to cleanup area. Frig is last on wall with sink. Cabinets betweek frig and sink hold glassware. Drawers below hold flatware, drawer of plastic bag boxes, wrap, foil, bottom drawer holds frequently used lunch plastic containers. This makes a good bag lunch fixing area. If I need more room the island is behind me. Dishwasher next, then sink. If you've followed this convoluted description you might have noted dishes are next to DR but dishwasher is left of sink. I unload dishes onto island. Walk around corner and put them away in cabinet. Dishes are convenient to table and DR but glassware is next to frig. Again, drinks can be poured, put on island then transported to table. Upper and lower corner cabinets to right of sink hold coffee, tea, vinegars, oils. There's a narrow upper cabinet between sink and corner which holds measuring cups, microwave steamer, etc. We probably made a mistake on the narrow lower cabinet between we nixed KD's pull out trash container for deep, narrow shelves. Fortunately I found some long, narrow baskets to hold items. But mostly infrequently used things. Didn't think I would like standup lower cabinet for trays to right of stove but I forgot how many cookie sheets, muffin tins etc I had because they were always buried. There's a bottom shelf to hold rolling pin etc.
Best wishes on your kitchen plans.


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RE: neiman marcus furniture (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: spolina on 06.18.2008 at 07:04 am in Furniture Forum

Wait for Horchow 25% off coupon. You can get it if you subscribe to their newsletter. Lately, they have been sending out that coupon almost every quarter.

If you are in state where they don't charge tax, their 25% off coupon will get you a decent deal but they kill you on shipping charges.

Lot of the furniture they sell are made by Pulaski, Hooker, Bernhardt, Hillsdale House, Artistica, Schnadig, etc. Ver few quality companies though. But the bed you liked looks very clean. You can request Horchow to send you wood samples and it might help you track down the manufacturer.

Also, you might want to e-mail the picture to a sales person at or and they will sometimes tell you instantly who the maker is.
You could save as much as 50% by buying from one of those two stores.


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