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Let's make a list of soapstone suppliers

posted by: nomorebluekitchen on 10.02.2008 at 02:57 pm in Kitchens Forum

Trying to find a source for soapstone has been a common theme on the board since I joined. I know I really struggled to find options.

I thought maybe we could start a list of the different companies who supply soapstone as a resource for new members of the board.

In addition to local granite houses (none of which had a good supply) I worked with M. Tex, Teresina, and Dorado.

Anyone else want to chime in?



soap stone suppliers
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RE: Help with Kitchen Cabinets (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: rtwilliams on 11.14.2012 at 02:33 pm in Kitchens Forum

A few things just off first look that you may want to consider.

Placement of the microwave over the range is not the most desirable location. A base cabinet for the microwave is becoming popular, or a cabinet with a shelf made for a microwave next to the refrigerator would be a good location.

It is easy to add panels to the sides of the refrigerator to make it look built in.

We used Medallion cabinets bought at Menards on sale and hired a installer.

Can you post a layout of the rest of the rooms adjacent to the kitchen?


microwave placement
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RE: Value of prep sink in a small kitchen?? (Follow-Up #21)

posted by: theballs on 03.01.2011 at 04:54 pm in Kitchens Forum

Two sinks...Best.Modification.Ever. Rarely do you hear someone say "I wish I had not gotten that second sink", but seems like quite often you hear "I wish we had gotten the second sink".

We have a 33"x22" main sink along one wall, and a 25"x22" sink along another wall. We turned previously unused counter space into a bar area. I got the sinks hooked up two days before Christmas, and on Xmas morning I cooked a fun breakfast in my area and all our guests were able to hit up the coffee/juice bar and nobody was banging into each other.

Main sink and cooking/food prep area

Coffee, wine, other


stove sink layout
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RE: How much did you spend on your kitchen tile? (sq/ft) (Follow-Up #10)

posted by: willtv on 03.31.2011 at 10:26 am in Kitchens Forum

For the backsplash, Daltile Rittenhouse Square 3x6 subway tile about $5 sqft.

For the floor, Montauk Black Slate 24x24, about $4 sqft.


stove placement
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5' x 11' bathroom

posted by: lindiver on 08.18.2009 at 07:02 am in Bathrooms Forum

We are adding on to our house and the largest space we can squeeze out for a master bath is 5' x 11'. My husband wants a separate tub and shower. The room will have a window on the outside 11' wall and a door (pocket door?) on the inside 11' wall. Does anyone have ideas about placement? About all we can up with is the tub at one end, shower at the other with a pedestal sink and toilet in the middle....


tub and shower beside each other as wet room
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Finally, 1 remodeled bath and 1 new one

posted by: sundownr on 03.15.2010 at 09:27 pm in Bathrooms Forum

We have wanted to remodel the bath rooms in our 1930's house for a long time (we've lived here 16 yrs) but could never make a decision on what to do. Finally decided to just do it. This forum was such an inspiration and I want to thank everyone that posts here. I will say I always wanted more bathroom pictures here so I'm posting mine. :)

The hall bath floor plan wasn't great so I stole closets out of the bedrooms on each side. BR#1 had another closet so no big deal. BR#2 is separated from the master BR by the original master bath and master closet so we decided to give the bath and closet to BR#2 and to convert a spare room (sewing/junk room) into a new master bath & closet.

I went to a couple of tile stores and "made up my mind" more than once. One Saturday I was looking at marble and another customer said - have you seen the porcelain that looks like marble? I hadn't. She showed it to me and I was sold. That's what I used in the hall bath.

It was hard to pick out finishes because I like so many different styles. I did buy the master bath vanity from the Restoration Hdwe outlet and I wish I hadn't. I bought it for the hall bath but then changed the whole floor plan. That meant I had to use it in the master and it was so long that I didn't have many floor plan options because of 6' vanity, windows etc.

I don't know if anyone read my original thread about the bathroom where I asked about a chandelier but I ended up picking the "bubble" tile as an accent and decided on this chandelier with the round glass balls. I'm not sure if it "goes" but I don't care. I like it.

What's done is done and I do like love both of them. We had a "bathrooms are finished"/birthday party Saturday and of the 40 people here most of them preferred the hall bath.

Original hall bath


Standing by the tub looking towards the door at the hall.

The new master closet and bath will be behind that window (which was originally to a porch that was converted to a room years ago).

New bathroom from hallway


The towel rack is actually a toilet paper holder. The counter is soapstone.

Dual flush toilet from Home Depot, (love the dual flush) Mercer train rack from Pottery Barn

Pedestal tub from Van Dyke's Restoration. It was the cheapest one from a place that I couldn't find bad reviews of. Plus it's owned by Cabela's.

Copycat pottery barn chandelier from overstock. You can barely see the dropped crown molding with the black paint extended down the wall. There is rope lighting behind the crown for a "night light".

The new master bath




I inherited this cabinet and all of the Lladro from my mom. I've had it for years with no place to put it in our tiny house so it's been boxed up in the basement. Someone else picked paint colors for me and this color is so beautiful in real life - SW Rainwashed. It reminded me of the Lladro so I brought some of it up and I think it looks great in this bathroom. The painting is also from my mom and she and my dad bought it in Spain many, many years ago. This room screamed for the painting, too.


Although the back yard hasn't been completely cleaned of all the remodeling mess, I love the view from the bathroom and can't decide what kind of window covering to use and keep the view.

I was still changing floor plans after the bathroom was demo'd. I (obviously) didn't plan it all that well because I had to buy the freestanding towel rack for the master bath and the hall bath doesn't have a place to hang a towel while you are showering but we'll work it out. :) There isn't any storage in the hall bath so I bought three file boxes from the Container Store for "stuff" and I like them. The basket under the vanity is for dirty washcloths/hand towels. My 15 yr old daughter uses this bathroom.


bath shower layout
marble porcelain tile
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I love the long stainless shelf above my range

posted by: segbrown on 07.06.2010 at 03:19 pm in Kitchens Forum

So, we've been using the kitchen for about 9 months now, and one of the things we have that's a little different than most is the 7-ft-long stainless shelf over the range. We have a big hood and warming lights over it. I thought I would give a report for any current kitchen planners.


Here it is with a couple of casseroles ready for the warming lights, and plenty more room:


Anyway, we use it as extra counter, storage for cooking supplies (oil -- though it's not optimal for oils, it is working--, s&p, measuring cups), storage for prep ingredients when cook ing ... The heat lamps are useful for so much -- keeping plates and dishes warm, thawing food, softening butter, keeping mugs of coffee warm while you're cooking pancakes, etc. And it's so big, we can do all these things at the same time if we need to.

The negative is that I *think* we aren't capturing quite as much in the hood as we would otherwise, but I'm not sure because we didn't have the hood before. It is certainly not a problem (smells and the like), but you'd have to think some would get lost. You could certainly make it with some holes in it if it is a worry.

Anyway, it's one of the most useful things we did, and it was only about $300, custom made. If you have the room, give it a thought.


stainless shelf over range to give extra storage space. Maybe put warming lights to use as warming shelf.
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potfiller & shelf over range?

posted by: colickyboy on 07.07.2010 at 03:22 pm in Kitchens Forum

We have a potfiller somewhat centered our range and my DW loves the look of a SS shelf over the range. I think it's too busy to have both, but perhaps someone has done both and doesn't think it's too much?


stainless shelf and backsplash over range - shelf might be good place for warming dishes etc.
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Multi-Level Work Table As Substitute For More Counter Space?

posted by: johnliu on 07.08.2010 at 01:34 am in Kitchens Forum

I am thinking about a piece of kitchen furniture that might address some specific needs that I have.

That need is, of course, for more counter space. You can never have too much counter, but my kitchen is small enough, and pierced with enough doors (back door, 1/2 bath door, dining room passage, hallway passage, basement door) that I will only be able to have counters along one wall of the room. Short of moving load-bearing walls - totally not in the budget, or in the character of this old Four Square - there is nothing I can do about that. I was planning a very small island - about 3.5' x 2.5' - in the center of the room, but that won't be enough. Somehow we have got to warp the fabric of space-time to get me an additional six or seven feet of counter.

So I was thinking, what do I need that additional counter space for, anyway? I realized that a lot of the time, I wouldn't need to actually ''work'' at the hoped-for additional counter. I simply need a place to set big mixing bowls, sheet trays, serving platters, dishes awaiting food, mise bowls, resting meat, waiting ingredients. All things that are broad, but not that tall.

Hmm. Maybe what I really need are shelves. So an idea arrived. Suppose, instead of an island, I had a work table. And suppose that work table had two more ''levels'' - not sure what to call these - beneath the table top. The top at 40'' height, then the next level at 26'' height, and the lowest level at 12'' height. 12'' of vertical clearance between each level, allowing for the table material. I would gain about 17 sq ft of surface to put stuff on. The middle level would be fairly easy to get to. The lowest level would be inconvenient, but I could probably use some deep knee bends. Ahem.

For various reasons, a moveable work table probably makes a lot more sense in my space than a fixed island, anyway.

Does anyone have something like this? Can you think of a way to make it attractive?


Great ideas about having a moving island that has shelves underneath to put food that is cooling etc in lieu of extra counter space.
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