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RE: Broken Fountain (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: kathi_mdgd on 05.28.2013 at 05:09 pm in Garden Junk Forum

That's a good use for it.She must think like I do.Our fountain got a crack in it and dh was gonna throw it away.Me to the rescue.I also turned mine into a planter.

kalanchoe photo DSCF1046.jpg

View of the whole thing:

iris-kalanchoe photo DSCF1040.jpg



kalanchoe pumila fowers
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RE: Best Tree Roses (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: allison64 on 07.30.2009 at 01:25 pm in Roses Forum

Here is a diagram of tree rose basics just a FYI

standard rose basics

I haven't used metal for a stake but I wish I had. I think coated rebar would be great to use.



A good pruning guide...
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Lots of Fairy Gardens!

posted by: luvs2click on 06.06.2012 at 08:55 am in Garden Junk Forum

Oh my! I'm exhausted! Getting ready for my big show this weekend, I've got 62 fairy gardens ready, plus tons of other stuff. Been working late hrs. getting everything ready and figuring out prices (the hardest part). Here's a few, many more pictures if you click the link. zzzzzz..... need some sleep!

one side of the garage

other side of the garage!

Here is a link that might be useful: Lots more pictures!


Surprised to see this thread near the top again - thanks all!
jensyen - I use mostly perennial groundcovers, such as any form of sedum, hen & chicks, creeping speedwell, English daisy, pincushion flower, heron's bill, thyme, Irish moss, perennial allysum, miniature yarrow, etc. Anything you find in the groundcover section of a greenhouse is going to be very hardy and handles drought very well.
As far as soil, this year I went to a landscape store and got a scoop of top soil in the back of the truck (12.00), and with a shovel, mixed in several bags of Miracle Gro potting soil along with regular cheap potting soil. Next year I will also add peat moss or something because it was pretty heavy dirt. (things grew well in spite of it) Usually I just mix 1 bag of plain cheap potting soil with about 1/3 of a large bag of Miracle Gro soil in my wheelbarrow. You don't want your ground too rich because things will overgrow your container soon enough, without the addition of much fertilizer.

I still have 3 gardens left from my spring show - they've been sitting in my flower bed all summer, very neglected. They are looking wonderful and I will have to trim things up real soon to keep them under control. That's the beauty of using these kind of plants, not much care involved. They also winter over just sitting out in the flower bed. Make sure you have holes drilled in the bottom of your container though.

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Red Majestic and Rose Mallow near Black Walnut?

posted by: cadillactaste on 08.28.2012 at 09:07 am in Plants for Difficult Places Forum

After several years of unsuccessful attempts at growing a raised flower bed in the shade...I had a nursery last year ask me,"What tree are you planting under or near." then the lady gave me a list from Ohio State explaining what can and hasn't worked near Black Walnut trees.

Thing is...I am curious about these two listed in my post title. Which are the Red Majestic and the Rose Mallow. Neither are listed in either group that was given to me.

Was curious...I realize both are to be placed in the sun so they will be further from the black walnut. But within the 50 foot drip line. In my minds eye...with the Rose Mallow being a hibiscus as is the Rose of Sharon which does do well near or under a Black Walnut. I am thinking maybe I might have success with it someplace in my yard... But would rather see if any others have had success and if so how far from the trunk of the BW was it planted? I've spent so much $$$ to only lose the plants in the past. That I would rather not play a guessing game of roulette with hit and miss guessing on my part.

The Red MaJestic if planted I want to get a mature before taking on the expense...I wanted to see other's success in doing what I would want to do. So also if anyone has had success within the 50 foot drip line if they could also share how close to the tree roughly it was planted I would appreciate it.


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Ryusen: link to pruning well as photo of my Ryusen

posted by: cadillactaste on 08.28.2012 at 12:12 pm in Maples Forum

I picked this up after a debate of not wishing to lose a weeping pine. [Not sure of specific name] Due to having a Black Walnut in the yard. With the Japanese Maple on the list of things you can plant...I fell in love with the noticeable curves of the branches as they drape to the ground. They had straighter ones there that you didn't notice as much character to the trunk...with the curves. Not sure if there is a right way or wrong way to stake these. But never the less this one really caught my eye. And I claimed it...It's 3 foot tall...and I may watch to see if I can add more height to it later with staking...spoke to "my nursery" on more in depth instructions. For I grabbed this one at a nursery that I don't typically frequent that is further from my home but was having a sale that I noticed as I drove by. And the person who helped me was not very knowledgeable with this particular tree.

Did some that Miracle Grow will kill this tree. And found some good tips on thinning/pruning as well. Though my husband is concerned with thinning to much after just planting it. So we'll wait a bit on that. Actually now that we've waited a bit...not sure if I need to thin the bottom...Still pondering. I was advised to pull branch I contemplate taking off out of the way to see if I like the desired look "before" pruning... Good tip I though.


LINK TO PROPERLY PRUNING: I found this interesting...because it gives two ways to prune for separate looks.


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