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RE: PEX tubing instead of copper??? (Follow-Up #15)

posted by: carolyn53562 on 06.06.2007 at 04:26 pm in Building a Home Forum

As for rodents--we live out in the country and our new house is 1/2 mile from our old house. We had lots of mice in our old house so with our new house we put something like flashing on the sill and under the siding (it's bent so part rests on the sill and then the rest goes up under the siding) and we haven't seen or heard any evidence of mice in our new house. Our neighbors across the street didn't do this and have had mice in their year old house. I won't guarantee that it works, but it seems to at our house and our framer/sider is the one who told us about it and he did it to his house and has never seen mice in it either. It's worth a try, and maybe others can suggest mouse proofing methods that work too.


Rodent deterrent
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