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How to burn an audio CD

posted by: bestlawn on 07.03.2007 at 08:27 pm in Kitchen Table Forum

Just a quick tutorial on burning a song or any other audio file that is on your computer. Because most people running Windows already has Microsoft Media Player on their computer, we'll use that one as the burning software. I wouldn't necessarily know the particulars of the software that came with your CD writer unless I have that one as well.

I'm using Media Player 9 in Windows XP.
If you have Media Player 10, Microsoft offers burning instructions here.

If in the event you have a problem using Media Player, it could be the burning software that accompanyied your CD burner is blocking it. Most don't, but there are one or two that won't allow any other application to operate the CD burner. There are ways around that, but it isn't really necessary since you do have a software package you can use. However, I'll try to locate that information if you need it.

1. Place a blank CD into the CD burner.
If yours is a DVD burner, it will also burn CDs.

2. Launch Media Player
Start button > Accessories > Entertainment > Media Player

3. You first have to add the file to the Library.
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

5. Click Browse and navigate to locate the folder on your computer that contains your audio file.
Image Hosted by
Your directory will be different from mine.
You just have to know in what folder your audio file is.

6. Double click the folder and then click on the Search button.
Media Player will add all media files in that folder to the Library.
Click Close when prompted.

7. Under the Title list (middle screen where all the songs are), right click the title of the audio file(s) you want to burn to CD and select......
Image Hosted by

8. Click on the title to make sure it is highlighted, and then click Start Burn near the bottom of the screen.
Image Hosted by

More than likely, it would be fewer steps using the software that came with your CD/DVD burner. This tutorial provides another option for those who are not yet familiar with operating their burner or commanding the software that came with it. Hope you found it helpful.


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RE: Has anyone worn/bought Simple Shoes yet? (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: lynne_melb on 07.01.2007 at 02:46 pm in Kitchen Table Forum


If you go to, they have the Simple shoes. I entered in "Simple women", in the search box in the upper left of the main screen. They have at least some of the styles, at a price lower than the site that you linked. The site also lists what percentage of people feel that the size was right, bigger, or smaller.

I've had good luck with Zappos. There is free shipping. They also have a 365 day return policy and the shipping is free on the return. I have a hard time to get shoes that are comfortable, and I have ordered 4 or 5 styles/sizes and then returned the ones that weren't comfy. The last time it took me 4 months to return the shoes (long story). Anyway, of course the returned shoes were unused, but they gave me full credit for the shoes.

I also like, and they sometimes have lower prices than Zappos, but I think that Zappos has a bigger inventory.

Ordering from these 2 sites is much easier for me than traipsing all over the county, hoping to find shoes that fit.

Good luck, and please let us know what you think of them.

Socks, on the Zappos site, people also comment on the arch support of the shoes.


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Has anyone worn/bought Simple Shoes yet?

posted by: flamingo_in_ar on 07.01.2007 at 10:14 am in Kitchen Table Forum

They look really comfy, and I want to get a pair of the sneakers. I thought about ordering them online, but I need to find out if they run true to size. Has anyone here gotten any? Do you remember if they were your size or did you have to go up a half-size?

Here is a link that might be useful: I like the Sugar and the Sugar Creeper the most....


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Technique for doing hidden message

posted by: bestlawn on 05.21.2007 at 06:28 pm in Kitchen Table Forum

For those who want to do it but didn't see when I posted before.

1. Here is the open command tag (goes first)
Image Hosted by

2. What goes on my blank line is the color you want your font to be.
Image Hosted by
In this instance, I used white because the background here on the forums is white, so it blends in with the background. Therefore, it can't be seen until selected (highlighted). If you want to do a hidden message on another board, you'll have to match the color of that board's background.

It can be any color and can also be the HTML code that represents the color you want. Here is one site for browser safe colors and their HTML codes.

3. Here is the HTML code for white
Image Hosted by

4. Here is the closing tag (goes last)
Image Hosted by

5. What goes in between the open and close tags is your message. It can be one word, a sentence, whole paragraph, whole page, whatever.
Image Hosted by

6. Now put it all together in one string (sentence)
Image Hosted by

7. Here it is put together with the color's HTML code rather than the word.
Image Hosted by

So, when I type in the command tag, you can't see the whole tag string. The tag performs the command but you only see the end result. Select white space below.
I believe Jordin will win.
Click and drag in the white space above to read the message.

You can use this thread for practice if you want, or you can practice at GardenWeb's Test Forum.


Steph, I'll post The Bachelor's results tonight. I see it comes on after Dancing, and it's on for two hours. He announces his choice at the end of the two hours, right? LOL


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